Geometric Pineapple Art

DIY Pineapple Art: A tutorial for inexpensive art work, made with a dollar store wooden canvas, scrapbook paper, and Mod Podge -Pattern included.DIY Pineapple Art: A tutorial for inexpensive art work, made with a dollar store wooden canvas, scrapbook paper, and Mod Podge -Pattern included.

This summer I’ve spotted lots of pineapples in home decor, and I’m falling in love with them.  I especially love the bright colours I’ve been seeing them in.  This DIY pineapple art is a really inexpensive art piece.  It’s perfect for a fun, colourful bit of summer whimsical decor.


This month for the #12MonthsOfDIY challenge we got to work with Mod Podge, and that’s what I used to create this piece. #MayModPodge

  • ModPodge
  • wood canvas
  • stain cloths
  • carbon paper
  • scrapbook paper in pinks and greens
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • pattern

how to make your own wall art

How To Make DIY Pineapple Art:

1. Staining the Canvas

I started out with a wooden canvas, from the dollar store.  To finish the wood, I applied a little stain to the unfinished wood.  I used a stain wipe, and they’re great because you can use one and re-seal the package for another time.  They’re easy to use, with no brush to clean up, just be sure to wear gloves -or wrap your hand in a plastic bag if you have no gloves, like me.  😉

2. Cutting the Scrapbook Paper

While your stain is drying, you can start cutting out your triangles.  Use the pattern I’ve supplied here -you’ll need about 35 pieces for the bottom, and about 22 for the top.  I used different shades of green and pink, but any colour combo would work -traditional yellow, or maybe teal?

using carbon paper to transfer a pattern

3. Transferring The Pattern

Once the stain is dry, use your carbon paper (remember your teacher using these when you were a kid, to make worksheets before the days of photocopiers?).  Just tape it onto the wooden canvas, and tape the pattern on top.  Use tape instead of just trying to hold it so that it doesn’t move at all when your tracing with it.  

Now, using the pattern, go over all the lines with a sharp pencil, and a ruler to transfer the pattern onto the wood.  Once you’ve traced it all, remove the carbon paper and the pattern, and the pineapple grid should be on the wooden canvas.

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art

4. ModPodge The Pieces

Now using the pattern as a guide, Mod Podge each triangle onto the wooden canvas.  

Use a brush to apply Mod Podge underneath the paper as a glue and over the top of the paper as a sealer.  The triangles aren’t equal on all sides, so take care to line them up properly on the grid pattern.  Don’t worry too much if there’s a few gaps, or if things don’t line up perfectly, it won’t be that noticeable when you’re all finished.  

I just applied the sealer top coat to the pineapple and not the wood around it, since I like the matte finish of the stain.

DIY Pineapple Art

I also used a bit of glitter paper in mine for a little added sparkle.

pineapple art and a succulent

This little pineapple art piece has summer written all over it!

Pineapple Art

With inexpensive DIY Pineapple Art, life really is a party!

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  1. This mod podge is pretty cool stuff, the projects you can make with it are kind of limitless, aren’t they? I love what you did, it’s such a neat way to add some colour (and a bit of sparkle) to say a summer tablescape, or your porch, fun!

  2. What a fun project! I love these kinds of crafts! It really looks like a mosaic. Your instructions were excellent. I do have a question. I see you used a glitter paper. How did it look after you put Mod Podge on it?

  3. Christina, …right, I really want one of the ceramic ones, but this is much cheaper. 😉

  4. Thanks Laurie,
    Summer colour for sure, and who doesn’t love a little glitter, right?

  5. Heather,
    A cup of tea helped, but I have to admit it was cold by the time I finished, lol.

  6. Thea,
    Thanks. The glitter paper still looked great and glittery after the mod podge, so glitter away, lol.

  7. Thanks Joann, it’s a lot of colour for this neutral girl, but defiantly fun for summer.

  8. I actually have an old pineapple shaped cutting board that I’ve hung on my wall because I just can’t part with it. Thanks for the idea…I’m going to add some fun, colourful paper to it!

  9. Love that idea, I’ll be looking out for a picture of your project. It’s the summer of pineapples, haha.

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