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“Getting the Christmas Tree” Vignette

Getting the Christmas Tree Vignette: This pretty, nostalgic red toy truck with a Christmas tree vignette couldn’t be easier, or cuter.
Getting the Christmas Tree Vignette: This pretty, nostalgic red toy truck with a Christmas tree vignette couldn't be easier, or cuter.

The ground and the windows were frosty this morning while I walked the girls to the school bus. The weather is turning here, and it’s the Santa Claus parade this weekend. With Santa coming to town, I’ve started a little Christmas decorating and thought I’d share this sweet little red toy truck with a Christmas tree vignette with you.

When I was a little girl we always went to a forest on my Grandma’s large property to cut down the Christmas tree.  There was a meadow, after what felt like a long walk through the woods.  Along edges of the meadow there were always some Christmas trees growing.  They weren’t trimmed into the perfect shape like the ones at the store or even at the cut your own Christmas tree farm.  And there was always much debate about the best one, and if it was too tall, or to big for the space.  When I was a kid I looked forward to those outings every year.

red toy truck with Christmas tree


  • wood cake stand
  • faux snow
  • red toy truck
  • twine
  • bottle brush Christmas trees

Red Toy Truck with Christmas Tree Vignette

I made these rustic tree branch cake stands a while ago, see how I did it here. I found some little trees at the dollar store, and went to the toy store to find a little red toy truck.

To make the truck look a little older I sanded the sides a little bit.  

I tied a tiny tree on top of the toy truck with a little bit of twine.

To make the scene, I set up the cake stand, and added in some trees at the back to make it look like a little forest.  Next I added in the little toy truck with the tree already tied to the back.  Then, it started snowing. 😉  I sprinkled the whole scene with some faux snow.

It was that simple, and I think it’s so cute.  Don’t you just love an easy DIY.

toy truck with Christmas tree

With this sweet vignette, life is really a party!

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  1. I love this! i’m a big fan of bottle brush trees to begin with, but add a red truck and fake snow I’m all IN! The base just adds to the charm. Well done.

  2. I love this, so original! I am going to duplicate this for my Mother with an old red truck my daddys brother gave him for Christmas years ago. Great idea and thanks for sharing.

  3. Okay, there may be a problem with a big old copycat of your idea down in Texas. I’m just sayin’, it could happen with an idea that cute!

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