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Home Coffee Station Ideas

Home Coffee Station Ideas: set up a special spot at home for everything you need to make the perfect coffee -or tea!

Home Coffee Station Ideas: set up a special spot at home for everything you need to make the perfect coffee -or tea!

Today we’re sharing home coffee station ideas.  There’s nothing nicer than having a DIY coffee bar at home, complete with everything you need to make the perfect cup of tea or coffee.  We partnered with Cricut to create this space with some beautiful Cricut coffee station DIY decor including a Cricut coffee bar sign, customized canisters, and customized vintage tea cups.

coffee station ideas

What is a coffee station?

A coffee station is a spot to hold everything you need for coffee time.  With everything all in one place it’s easy to access anytime you want it.  No looking for supplies in cupboards or drawers, it’s all in one easy to find spot, where you can get it quickly and easily.  It’s perfect for any coffee lover.  It provides easy access to all the coffee essentials in one dedicated space.  You might want to also include items for tea, if you’re also a tea drinker.

We love a designated coffee station in the kitchen.  Choose a small space in part of your kitchen for all your coffee supplies like a counter space, on your open shelving, or even on a bar cart or small table.  Set up your perfect spot somewhere that you can plug in your small appliances like your coffee machine, kettle, or coffee beans grinder.

What should you include in a coffee station?

  • ground coffee
  • sugar
  • tea
  • cups
  • coffee press
  • spoons
  • cookies

For our coffee station we started with the most basic supplies.  We added some canisters of freshly ground coffee, tea bags, and sugar.  These are the items we use everyday so we wanted them close at hand.  You might consider also including flavoured coffees, different sugars (white, brown, raw), honey, decaf coffee, or different teas.  It’s totally up to you and what you use everyday, or what you think guests might enjoy.

how to make canister labels with your cricut

Labeling Your Canisters

We made custom labels for our different canisters to make finding all our coffee-making essentials really easy and convenient.  The canisters are mismatched to add some interest design style to the space.  I used Cricut premium vinyl to cut out the words for my labels with the Cricut Maker.  After weeding the words, I used Cricut transfer tape to apply them to the bamboo container lids.  Be sure to hand wash for best results.

Get the cut file for the canister project in our Free Resource Library.  Sign up below for instant access.


coffee and tea bar

how to make canister labels with your cricut

cricut canister labels

Coffee Maker, Espresso Machine, or French Press?

Every coffee drinker will likely give you a different answer to this question.  Some people love the convenience of a coffee maker as part of their coffee station, especially the single serve options that take the little coffee pods and are great for brewing a single cup of coffee.  There’s no question these are really convenient.  Other’s crave a more genuine coffee shop feeling with their own espresso machine, where they can froth milk, and make lots of different options.  These machines come in all different options, some even grind fresh coffee grounds for each cup.  These are such a great coffee station option if you have the space and want to take your at-home coffee to the next level and turn your own kitchen into your favorite coffee shop.  

DIY coffee station ideas

For a small kitchen at home coffee station though, I love the simplicity and the great taste of using a french press coffee pot, or pour-over coffee maker.  With these options, you’ll also need a kettle near by to boil the water.  These options are both real favorites of many coffee lovers.  I will always remember having French press coffee in Paris in our hotel every morning.  They would bring a pot to the table, along with a pot of steamed milk.  That’s where I fell in love with a cafe au lait, and I’ve been enjoying them every since for my morning coffee.  At home we usually just heat up the milk in the microwave and use a mini frother.

cricut mugs

Whatever way you like your coffee, be sure to include it in your home coffee bar set up.

Can I have tea at my coffee bar too?

You can have anything you want at your coffee bar!  So if you love tea, why not include it too.  I have a canister of tea here.  I’m not a huge fan of flavoured tea, but if you love it, be sure to add some of it to your own coffee station -or should we say hot drinks station?  Some people like to include hot chocolate as well.

how to make an at home coffee station

I love tea and had to include it here.  We usually start the day with coffee and then switch over to tea, but honestly I love both!  

Freshly Brewed Happiness Sign

It’s always fun to include a few fun decor pieces in your kitchen coffee bar set up like this, and since I was including tea and coffee at my station I thought this “Freshly Brewed Happiness” sign was perfect for both.  This little project was really easy to make on my Cricut machine and such a cute addition to the space as a fun focal point.  

coffee sign ideas


  • acrylic picture frame
  • pink premium vinyl
  • black premium vinyl
  • transfer tape
  • Freshly Brewed Happiness cut file
  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut mat

You can access the free pattern to make these on your Cricut in our Free Resource Library.  Subscribers receive free instant access.  Sign up below.


How To Make The Freshly Brewed Happiness Sign

1. To make this little sign I used a small tabletop frame from Ikea.  It comes with clear acrylic, so it’s works perfect to create a see-through piece with the vinyl stuck to it.  Use removable vinyl if you want to be able to reuse it.

2. Use this cut file to make this project.  Follow the instructions in Design space to cut out the pink (or whichever colour you prefer) floral backdrop.  Then cut out the lettering in black.

cricut acrylic sign ideas

3. Carefully weed the cut vinyl pieces to remove the vinyl around the pattern or words.  

4. Use transfer tape, and stick it on top of your finished vinyl, then transfer first the floral backdrop, then the lettering over top, onto the acrylic piece of the picture frame.

coffee themed craft ideas

coffee station sign


It’s fun to include a variety of different cups and coffee mugs to choose from.  I love vintage items, so I thought it would be fun to include some vintage tea cups, and give them a modern makeover for our DIY coffee station.  

how to use your vintage teacups

how to make a coffee station

DIY Cricut Mug/Tea Cup

I’ve noticed lots of pretty mugs lately that have a little bit of text on them that looks handwritten.  I thought it would be fun to give some antique cups from the thrift store a makeover using my Cricut.  We used a couple of sweet phrases for my cups including “I love you…. a lot.” and “Good morning”, you can find my free cut file to make these our Free Resource Library.  Subscribe below for instant access, then upload into Cricut Design Space to use.

I cut these out with black premium vinyl and used transfer tape to add them to my vintage cups.  One little tip:  it can be tricky to make the writing look straight since you’re adding it to a curved surface.  Cut the phrases into individual words so that you can line them up on the cups more easily.  Be sure to hand-wash these cups afterwards for the best results


how to add cricut vinyl to a mug

I love these little cups and how they have been modernized by these sweet phrases.  This would also be really cute on regular coffee cups, if you wanted something larger than vintage teacups.  Also be sure to include all your regular favorite mugs.  Another fun idea is to change up the mugs seasonally to fit different holidays or occasions.

cricut mug ideas

Cream or Milk

We love a little milk in our coffee and tea around here, but needed to keep it in the fridge.  Some people like a flavoured creamer, or there’s lots of non-dairy options too like oat milk, or almond milk.  We keep ours in our large fridge, but a great addition to a coffee station that many people enjoy is a small bar fridge to keep these options close at hand.  This is especially great if your coffee station isn’t in the kitchen.  If you have a little coffee nook set up in your home office, dining room, or your living room.

mini diffidai in a green bottle

More Coffee Station Ideas

It’s always fun to include some fresh flowers, and a candle.  But you also might like to add something sweet.  We made some fresh chocolate chip cookies and added them in a canister.  Biscotti would be a great addition too.  Really any cookie, wouldn’t go amiss.

coffee bar ideas

You might also like other coffee accessories like some flavoured syrups.  These are so popular at coffee shops and lots of people really enjoy them in their coffees at home too.  You can buy the bottles of flavoured syrups at home stores, or on-line, and get the pumps to make them really easy to use.  I’m personally not a big fan of them, so I didn’t include them here, but add it to your at-home coffee station if it’s something you enjoy.

Some people also love a little sprinkle of cocoa or cinnamon on their coffee drinks.  If you love that too, be sure to include a little container with a shaker lid to make topping of your drink easy.  There’s plenty of ways to make your coffee feel extra special.

coffee bar ideas

All these DIY projects are an easy way to create a great spot to make your morning coffee -or afternoon coffee, or evening coffee!  With all these at home coffee station ideas, life really is a party!

This post is sponsored by Cricut.  As always, all opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that make Life is a Party possible.

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