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Homemade Recycled Sweater Mittens

Handmade Recycled Sweater Mittens: make mittens from old sweaters, no knitting or pattern required, and the perfect gift.Homemade Sweater Mittens: how to make sweater mittens for children or adutls out of old wool sweaters, no knitting required, and the perfect gift.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make handmade recylced sweater mittens you will love this easy tutorial. They’re warm and pretty, and easy project even for beginnings.

Tis the season to start thinking about homemade gifts for the special people on your list. Today I’m joining a bunch of great Canadian Bloggers for the Canadian Handmade Holiday Event, just look for the hashtag #CNDHandmadeHoliday and enjoy all their beautiful Handmade Holiday ideas!

This weekend I used some old wool sweaters to make some nice cozy handmade recycled sweater mittens for my daughter and husband. I love how they turned out, so soft and warm and easy to make too. It’s a great way to upcycle your old favorite sweater or give some new life to ones from the thrift stores. Look for an old one at the back of your closet, even if it’s damaged, moth eaten, or stained you can work around those spots and make some recycled sweater mittens.

how to make sweater mittens

Handmade Recycled Sweater Mittens Materials:

  • old wool sweaters
  • pins
  • scissors
  • paper for a pattern
  • sewing machine
  • thread

How To Make Sweater Mittens:

1. Felting Your Sweater Fabric

I started out with felting my wool sweaters. To turn the sweater knit into felt it’s important that you use 100% wool sweaters for the best result. If you’ve ever accidentally shrunk a wool sweater when washing it, then you’ll know how to it. To felt them first wash them in hot water in the washing machine. Then put the sweaters into a hot dryer, some people recommend adding in dryer balls or even tennis balls.

The wool will felt, and they’ll be nice and thick and won’t fray when cut. The can wash and dry them multiple times to achieve an even thicker felt, depending on the result you’re looking for.

2. Make A Mitten Pattern

I made a simple pattern by tracing generously around the hands of my husband and daughter. Then I adding a seam allowance of about a half inch around the outside of each one. 

If you wanted them to be a surprise, you could also use an old pair of mittens as a pattern -or your own hand for adult size. 

3. Cut Out The Pieces

Lay out your paper pattern onto the old sweater and cut it out. Don’t forget you need four pieces in total, two for the left hand, two for the right -so flip over the pattern for a left mitten and a right mitten, and the back of your mitten and the front.

We lined up the pattern with the rib section on the bottom of the sweater and used it as the cuff of the mitten. It’s a cute detail you might like not use too. You can lay your pattern pieces to take advantage of a pattern on the sweater too if your sweater has a pattern detail.

mittens made from old sweaters

4. Add Embellishments and Sew The Mittens Together

Before you sew your pieces together you can add any embellishments you like. I cut out simple hearts and added to my daughters, and sewed a few buttons on the outside of the mitten pair for my husband. 

Next step is to pin them together with the wrong sides facing out and right sides facing in, and then sew them together with your sewing machine with a simple straight stitch with a coordinating coloured thread.. Before turning them right-side-out, the last step is to trim the seam quite close in the thumb, so there isn’t too much bulk in the thumb when you turn them right-side-out. Then you’re finished and ready to turn to them right side out.

how to make sweater mittens

These are so warm and cozy, and perfect for some extra warmth in the winter. And they’re quite quick and easy to make. It only took me about an hour to make one pair.

no knit mittens

These wool mittens are perfect for hand holding on a cold day. Make these into memory mittens by using an old sweater that holds some special memories for you.

diy sweater mittens

These are perfect for gift giving to someone special on your list this year. With Handmade Recycled Sweater Mittens, life really is a party!

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  1. This is SUCH a cute idea, Dannyelle! I love how this is upcycling too – I’m definitely going to remember this one!

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