The Pie Stand

Pie Stand: Perfect for your next party, a pie stand your guests will LOVE. Includes a free printable, and lots of great pie recipes.
Pie Stand: Perfect for your next party, a pie stand your guests will LOVE. Includes a free printable, and lots of great pie recipes.

This weekend for Father’s Day we made pie, lots and lots of pie, and set up a fun Pie Stand for our family celebration. I think it just might have been one of our best ideas ever. 😉 This pie dessert table would also be amazing at a wedding, or birthday. It was inspired by my sweet husbands love of pie.

The Pie Stand

I set up the pie stand under some nice trees in the backyard. I used the blue bunting I made last Father’s Day out of old men’s shirts over the stand. See how I made it here. I used the different shades of blue as the colour scheme -which seemed really fitting for Father’s Day.

pie party

Another fun addition to the table was this cute “I love you even more than I love pie” sign.

free pie printable

I spelled out the word “pie” from some letters I had around the house.

how to throw a pie party

An old crate worked really well to create height on the table and hold some mini pies and tarts.

The Pies

  • blueberry crumble mini pies
  • rhubarb custard tarts
  • mini apple pies
  • banana cream pies in a mason jar
  • cherry pie
  • coconut cream pie
  • strawberry rhubarb pie

Here are some blueberry crumble, and some rhubarb custard tarts. It was great to have a variety of sizes from full pies all the way down to tarts.

how to set up a pie stand

The banana cream pie in a mason jar also turned out really well. They were quite easy to make, and looked so cute in their individual jars.  

banana crem pie in a mason jar

My favourite pie was the cherry pie. Displayed on one of our homemade cake stands -see how they were made here, and repainted white.

how to host a pie party

cherry pie

And, my husband’s favourite, coconut cream, with a sweet little mini bunting made with a little embroidery thread.

coconut cream pie

My daughters made the mini apple pies, some with double crust, and some with crumble. The middle pie is strawberry rhubarb. This one and the rhubarb custard tarts were made by my sweet sister-in-law Heather -thanks for catching the vision Heather!

Pie Stand

We had vanilla whipped cream and vanilla ice cream to top off the pies.

pie buffet

The Pie Recipes

 how to make pie crust

I am not an experienced pie maker; experienced pie eater, yes. My mom is amazing at making pie dough, but I’ve always been a little afraid of it. See my mom teaching my daughters the art of pie making here. We decided to conquer our pie crust making fears and just go for, I mean after all, not great pie crust is still pie, which is still pretty great. 😉

I’m not going to lie and say it was easy. However first said “easy as pie”, well let’s just say -lie.

pie buffet for a pie party

The Pie Crust

how to make pie crust

We started out with making a whole lot of pie crust. I used this recipe from the crisco website for “Easy as Pie” Pastry Dough.

I made one batch with one daughter, while my husband made another batch with the other daughter -since we knew we needed a whole-lot-a-crust!

homemade mini pies

Apple Pie

For the apple I used the same method that I shared here.

making blueberry pie with fresh blueberries

Blueberry Crumble Pie

For the blueberry filling and crumble we used good old Martha’s recipes –blueberry filling here, and crumble (which we also used for some of the apple) here.

blueberry crumble pie

These were really, really good, and I would definitely use this recipe again.

blueberry crumble pie

Coconut Pie

For the coconut I used a packaged coconut pudding that you cook on the stove top. After cooking and cooling an empty pie shell, we added the pudding.

coconut cream pie

After it cooled we topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut. It was quite easy to make, but did involve a lot of steps and a lot of waiting in between. My husband, whose favourite is coconut cream, would say it was worth it.

coconut cream pie

Mini Banana Cream Pies

The final pies I made were these cute little mini banana cream pies in mina mason jars.

mini banana cream pies

I added some graham cracker crumbs to the bottom and baked for 10 min. (just follow the directions on the package for making pie crust).

banana cream pies in a mason jar

Then I added banana pudding, over some slices of banana.

how to make banana cream pie

After they cooled I topped with whipped cream, and sprinkled with some remaining graham cracker crumbs. This one, with no pastry was by far the easiest, and really yummy too.

pie stand

The pie stand was a huge hit, and making pies together as a family was really fun, and will be a great memory for years to come. 

Pie Stand

With this much wonderful pie, life truly is a party!

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  1. That is totally precious! There are so many things that I love about it. . . the little pies in Mason jars, the little bunting on the pie, the recycled shirt bunting! I am going to give that a try! I am partying with you at the Shabby Creek!

  2. Oh my gosh I love this idea! Who does not love pie?? The bunting is super cute what a great idea to celebrate dad’s day!

  3. Hi Dannyellea,
    think I got that right, read it on your about us. This is my first time to visit,
    and Loved it, what an adorable idea. This was just too cute, and such a
    wonderful idea. I loved the lil sign about loving you more than pie.
    Very creative and looks like tons of fun to me.
    I think I might be a missionary of celebration………..or fun too!
    We are all about celebrating every thing we can! lol and looks like you are
    like that too. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea, makes me
    want to have a dessert party soon.
    and the pies…….oh the pies, they all looked delectable, too bad you can’t
    email me some…………..if so, I would be begging…………

    Blessings for a nice weekend hon,

  4. Hi Dannyelle, Congrats on being featured on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Such a fun party for Father’s Day. Don’t forget to grab a button for being featured. Have a great week!


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