Ice Cream Sundae Kit

Ice Cream Sundae Kit: The perfect for summer gift basket. Wrap up your favourite ice cream toppings, sauces, cherries, and ice cream cones.
Ice Cream Sundae Kit: Perfect for summer gift giving. Wrap up your favourite ice cream toppings, sauces, cherries, ice cream cones, and ice cream.

The Ice Cream Sundae Kit if filled with everything you’ll need to make the perfect ice cream sundae -just add ice cream!  It’s simple to put together, and I hope they’ll enjoy it over the summer.  I think it would also be a great gift idea.  So, if you’re headed to a bbq, or to someone’s cottage for the weekend this summer, if you need a perfect teacher gift, you’ll want to remember this perfect little fun gift basket idea.  

I put these ones together as a thank you gift for my kids teachers.  It’s the perfect “sweet” gift heading into summer.

Pretty Packaging

The key to this oh so pretty combination is the packaging.  I took things out of the bulky and colourful packages and boxes, and re-wrapped everything in cello bags tied with a little twine or you could use ribbon in your ribbon color preference.  It really makes the whole kit look customized and put together for a special occasion.  Pick up cellophane bags in different sizes at the dollar store or craft store to make your own perfect gift basket.  Also, it allows you to break up big packages, and offer a little bit of everything.  I was making two gift baskets as end of year teacher gifts, so it was perfect for breaking up large packages to add some to each basket and helps with the overall cost of your gift as well.

Ice cream sundae kit waffle cones, sugar cones, and waffle bowls.

What To Put In An Ice Cream Sundae Kit

  • waffle cones
  • sugar cones
  • waffle bowls
  • chocolate sauce
  • caramel syrup
  • maraschino cherries
  • napkins
  • ice cream bowls and spoons
  • chocolate sprinkles
  • rainbow sprinkles
  • ice cream sprinkles
  • smarties
  • marshmallows
  • wafer cookies

Ice Cream Cones

It was fun to include a bunch of different ice cream cone options.  We included some waffle cones, and waffle bowls.  I always love a sugar cone, so I had to include some of those.  We picked them all up at the grocery store.  Another great idea would be to decorate some cones with chocolate by dipping them into melted chocolate and then candy or sprinkles.  Let them fully set before wrapping them up in clear cello bags for the gift basket.  Also look for fun options like chocolate ice cream cones, Oreo ice cream cones, or Neapolitan ice cream cones, all of which would make great additions to your gift basket.

chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, maraschino cherries

Sauces and Cherries

I included some of my favourite ice cream sauces.  We went with classic chocolate sauce and caramel sauce.  Strawberry sauce would be a great option too.  You could also look for something like magic shell, that instant hardens on the ice cream.  If you’re a cook, you could make your own homemade sauces and package them in mason jars to add to the gift basket.  Check out our favourite hot fudge sauce recipe here.  And don’t forget the cherry on top!  We wrapped the cherry bottle with a little kraft paper and twine and it looks so pretty.  Another great option is to include some fresh bananas for banana splits.

Ice Cream Sundae bowls, spoons, and napkins

Bowls, Spoons, and Napkins

The sweet little bowls and spoons are from the dollar store, and the ice cream napkins too.  Don’t they look cute tied with a little twine?  Disposable wooden spoons would be a great choice too.  Small plastic ice cream sundae bowls in pastel ice cream colors would be really cute too.  Keep your eye out for ice cream themed bowls, and napkins at the beginning of the summer and pick them up for your next gift basket when you see them.  An ice cream scoop would be a great addition too.

Ice cream sundae kit sprinkles, candies, marshmallows, and wafer cookies

Candy and Sprinkles

I wanted to include a few candies and sprinkles.  I love the colourful rainbow marshmallows from the Asian grocery store, and some of our  favourite sprinkles.  We added a bag of chocolate smarties, M&M’s would be a great addition too.  We also included a bag of rolled wafer cookies, because they’re such a perfect addition to a bowl of ice cream.  Look for them in different flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut.

Ice Cream Sprinkles

I picked up the sprinkles at the bulk store, I thought the ice cream cone sprinkles were the cutest!  And the containers I also found at the dollar store,  I should have picked up more for me, I love them.  Small mason jars would be be a great idea for packing the sprinkles for your gift box as well.  If you’re making your gift basket for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or Halloween, be sure to look for sprinkles in the perfect coordinating colors like orange and black or pink and red.  Also look for specialty shaped quin sprinkles for any festive season as well.

Ice Cream Sundae Kit: Perfect for summer gift giving. Wrap up your favourite ice cream toppings, sauces, cherries, ice cream cones, and ice cream.

Ice Cream

We couldn’t include any ice cream in our ice cream basket, because it would melt.  You might want to tuck a gift card in for your favourite grocery store as an optional upgrade, so that the recipient can use it to buy their own ice cream, and whipped cream. 

Gift Wrapping

Once you have all your goodies, you can pack them up in a nice gift bag, and add gifts tags with the recipients name and a special message with best wishes.  Or put everything in a beautiful basket and wrap the whole thing in a clear cello basket bag with a beautiful ribbon.  A great place to look for inexpensive baskets that are perfect for gift giving is the thrift store.

This sweet treat is such a great idea if you’re looking for ice cream gifts for an ice cream lover.  It could be perfect as a hostess gift for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day , Grandparent’s Day, Boss Day, or a birthday party.  If you want to give this gift for Valentine’s day St. Patrick Day, or Halloween, you could add sprinkles to match the special occasion.

I hope these ice cream gift basket ideas help inspire you to make a great homemade gift basket.  With an Ice Cream Sundae Kit for summer gift giving, life really is a party!

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