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Marshmallow Fairy Wands

Marshmallow Fairy Edible Wands: homemade marshmallows and a candy cane make the perfect fairy wand stirring stick for hot chocolate.
Marshmallow Fairy Edible Wands: homemade marshmallows and a candy cane make the perfect fairy wand stirring stick for hot chocolate.

If you have any little fairy princesses around this Christmas, this might be the sweetest little edible wands treat ever. I know I’m going to be the “best Mom in the world” after school, when mine get home and discover this.

how to make a Marshmallow Fairy Edible Wand

I made some marshmallows yesterday. I’ve made them before.  They’re really not that hard if you have a stand mixer, a candy thermometer, and a little time. My sister has been wanting to learn how to make them, so last night we made some. I used what’s become my go-to recipe for marshmallows –Alton Browns find it here. This morning the marshmallows were ready to cut.  I made a few of these marshmallow fairy edible wands for my little girls.  I thought you might like them too.

Marshmallow Fairy edible Wands

Making Your Edible Wands

I cut them out with a little star cookie cutter, and coated the sides with more of the powdered sugar.

I also got out my edible glitter. If you don’t own any, you need to add it to your Christmas list. It is the perfect socking stuffer for anyone who loves to bake. You can find it at cake decorating suppliers or on-line.

Add a little sprinkling of glitter to the marshmallows, and if they’re too dry for the glitter to stick, just dap with a drop or two of water on them to make them sticky again.

princess fairy edible wands party food

Then, I used a candy cane, that I broke the curve off of, to make it straight for the wand part, and inserted it into the marshmallow. If your fairy princesses’ aren’t big fans of peppermint there are all kinds of other flavours of candy canes now, or a stripy straw would be really sweet too.  Another great option would be a candy stick, and they come in all kinds of fun flavours too.

Marshmallow edible wand stir stick

Then, make some hot chocolate, and use the fairy wand for stirring, dipping, and making magic!

With marshmallow fairy edible wands, life really is a party!

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  1. Seriously…love this. Homemade marshmallows are on my bucket list for this holiday, and these wands would be good for “wizards” as well…. 🙂

    Jo-Anna and I are featuring you today at Our Sunday Best and also pinning you to our party’s board. Thanks for coming by and linking last week!

    Have a great weekend,

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