Pinterest Worthy Life Hack Ideas

Pinterest Worthy Life Hack Ideas From Around The House: A few easy ideas to make life a little simpler, easier, and more organized.
Pinterest Worthy Life Hack Ideas From Around The House: A few easy ideas to make life a little simpler, easier, and more organized.

It’s the about two weeks into January and in the last few days I’ve organized three closets, one cupboard, eight storage baskets, and two bedrooms.  I’ve gotten rid of about six boxes of stuff we don’t need, and passed the stuff on to a better home.  And all this seasonal decluttering and organizing has me thinking about making life a little simpler, and easier, and some life hack ideas.

So, I thought I would share a few real-life, but Pinterest worthy life hack ideas from around my house.  They’re super simple, but they really do help make life a little easier, and I thought you might like a few of them too.

1. The Colouring Caddy

life hack ideas

It’s always frustrating trying to deal with how to store art supplies.  I used to keep these all in a drawer that we could pull out and bring to the table, but the problem was the girls spent a lot of time looking for the right colour in a huge pile.  My friend is a kindergarten teacher, and this is how they store the crayons, all like colours together in little jars.  It’s beautiful and functional.  

I found some mason jars that fit a little wooden caddy I already had.  We organized our colouring supplies by colour.  It’s easy to carry it to the table to work and put it away when you’re finished, and it even looks great when it’s not in use.

colouring caddy

2. The Soap Bottle

life hack ideas

Store your dish washing soap in a pretty glass bottle.  It looks pretty, and it’s practical too.  It’s nice enough to leave out on your counter, and saves the environment by buying less packaging.  I buy the big bulk soap bottles at Costco, and refill this pretty little one as needed

3.  A Shoe Basket at the Back Door

life hack ideas

For years I felt frustrated by the pile of shoes at the backdoor.  I felt like I was forever taking them to the shoe storage rack in the mudroom to put them away, or tripping over them.  One day I had the simple idea to keep a basket at the back door for shoes so people could just throw them in there instead of leaving them on the floor in a mess…since no one ever wanted to put them away, because they knew they’d need them again soon.  It’s a really simple thing, but a really effective one.

4.  A Match Jar

match jar

The match jar is a simple idea from my childhood that we used to use for the cottage, but I’ve found it’s good around the house too.  Match boxes seem to often end up torn, or falling apart, or if you’re camping damp.  For this idea, store your matches in a pretty and dry mason jar.  Cut out a piece of sandpaper for the top to strike them on.

5.  Grocery Bag Storage

Reusable grocery bad storage

Years ago, when we first made the switch from plastic grocery bags to the greener re-usable cloth grocery bags, I was forever forgetting them at home.  I would usually remember in the grocery store parking lot, when it was too late.  Then we had the simple idea to store the bags in the trunk of the car.  After we unload the groceries each week, I just put the bags inside of each other, and leave it by the front door.  The next time I go out I throw them back in the trunk and I always have them when I need them.

6.  A Drink Station

drink station

This is idea is so simple, it just makes sense, and it sure does make life a little easier.  Instead of storing your tea, and coffee in one cupboard, your sugar in another, your kettle on one counter, and your coffee maker on another, put it all together to make a simple drink station.  I use a pretty tray to keep it all together, and even keep the mugs in the cupboard right above.  Your morning coffee just got a little better.

Do you have any great, and simple life hack ideas we should know about?  Let us know in the comments.  Hope these ones help.

With simple life hack ideas to make things a little easier, life really is a party!

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