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Santa Themed Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Santa Themed Christmas Breakfast Ideas: a beautiful pink tablescape, with stockings hanging on the chairs, a menu, and matching pjs.
Santa themed Christmas breakfast

I thought it would be fun to share some Santa themed Christmas breakfast ideas.  This breakfast would be great on Christmas morning, or as part of your elf on the shelf celebrations, or a sleepover, or just any weekend leading up to Christmas.  We partnered with Giant Tiger to put the whole celebration together, and found so many cute items at great prices that you’ll love.  I love entertaining for breakfast or brunch.  It’s so much easier than a big Christmas dinner, and a great way to get together with family or friends over the Christmas holiday.  I hope these Christmas brunch recipes and ideas inspire you.  

Christmas breakfast ideas

Coordinating Pyjamas For Everyone

For our Santa breakfast we invited our closest friends and got new Christmas pyjamas for everyone to wear.  It was so much fun.

Christmas pyjama party

This would be a great idea for family Christmas pyjamas or for cousins too.  Our pre-teen and teen girls loved the new snuggly pjs and there were so many options that I could find something a little different for everyone, but have them still all coordinated.  

coordinating Christmas pyjamas

This year I’m going with a pink Christmas and I found so many cute options.  Everyone was looking cozy and cute for breakfast.

Santa breakfast at home

The Table

I had so much fun setting the table.  This year I’m going with a little pink for Christmas, so I wanted to incorporate that, and I wanted to have a Santa theme.

Christmas breakfast table ideas

I used this snuggly soft scarf as the perfect table runner.  It was the perfect size, and can be used as a cozy scarf afterward.  This is such a fun idea for any Christmas or winter entertaining.

Christmas breakfastmini potted Christmas trees in brown paperI also used a gingerbread house mini village kit.  Instead of using the colourful candy, we used just the white icing to create the perfect look for our table.  I grouped the houses on some cake stands covered in sugar to look like white sparkly snow.

mini gingerbread houses with white icing

One of my favourite additions to the centerpiece of the table are the little trees.  These are live trees that are perfect mini Christmas trees.  We added some lights and they feel perfectly Christmasy.

Santa themed Christmas breakfast

Place Settings

For the place settings we used some plain white dishes, and pretty gold cutlery. 

Christmas morning breakfast

On each plate I did a few special treats.  I loved this pretty iridescent Christmas ornaments, and they’re shatter proof so they work will on a table.  I found these adorable Santa chocolate lollipops and added a pink velvet ribbon to tie into our pink theme.  Lastly I picked up some candy canes, the perfect Christmas treat.

Sanat themed breakfast ideas

Hot Chocolate

I thought that it would fun to setup a really simple hot chocolate bar for the girls on the size.  I used hot chocolate mix, regular marshmallows, and mini marshmallows, including some pink ones.  This is perfect for kids on a holiday morning.  

hot chocolate station

simple hot chocolate bar station

This mini tree is so fun, and decorated with my DIY Star Garland -see how I made it here.  And since our theme was Santa I couldn’t resist this retro looking fun little Santa toy.  He plays music and climbs up and down the ladder and he’s so cute. I also used some Santa mugs I had over here and tied on some pretty pink bows to fit our theme.

Santa toy that climbs ladder


I thought it would be fun to include some stockings for the girls, and I attached them to the back of the chairs.  This would be really sweet on Christmas morning too.  These are actually slipper socks, and they worked perfectly and matched our colour scheme.  Just tuck the mate into each stocking and everyone gets a pair of slipper socks too!  Such a fun idea for a Christmas brunch.

pink christmas stockings

These sock stockings reminded me of when I was a little girl.  Way back then, we used to use real socks as a stocking on Christmas Eve.  We used to hang up one of our dads work socks because they were bigger than our little socks and Santa could leave us more candy and treats in them.

Christmas stockings hanging on the back of a chair

I attached the stockings to the chairs with some ribbon and added another iridescent Christmas ornament and these beautiful rustic wood stars. If it’s your tradition to have breakfast before you open gifts on Christmas morning, then starting with the stockings at the breakfast table is a great idea.

stocking stuffer ideas

I stuffed the stockings with items perfect for my pre-teen and teen aged girls.  For them I looked for special Christmas candy and treats, hair accessories, hair products, makeup, bath products, and jewelry.  Fun toys and Christmas candy would be perfect for younger kids. 

Santa Christmas Breakfast Menu Ideas

We kept our menu for this delicious breakfast really simple, which meant it was easy and quick to prepare and perfect for entertaining around this busy time of year.  


We always have a French toast casserole on Christmas morning.  This French toast recipe is a really family favorite.  It’s great because it’s one of those easy recipes that you can make ahead.  You can find the recipe for the Easy Overnight French Toast Casserole here.  Any kind of breakfast casseroles are one of the best Christmas brunch ideas, because you can make them ahead of time and just pop them in the oven the next morning.  I love including a make-ahead breakfast casserole for any breakfast or brunch menu.  Our French toast casserole is almost a bread pudding recipe.  We love serving it with a custard sauce, and some maple syrup.  There’s no better way to start the day.

Other sweet options for Christmas brunch are a cinnamon rolls, pancakes, gingerbread waffles, coffee cake or breakfast pastries.  They are all great brunch options.

French toast casserole

Christmas breakfast menu ideas


Along with the French toast we served some bacon and sausages.  I also picked up some mini delicious quiche in the freezer section and they were the perfect easy addition.  It’s always nice to have some breakfast meats and a egg dishes for savory breakfast fans.  This was a really easy way to add them in, and a great brunch idea.  I find that kids love small finger food size options. 

Christmas breakfast menu ideas

Fresh Fruit

I always think of oranges when I think of Santa, so we had to include a bowl of them.  When I was little we always got an orange in the toe of our stocking, but it was more of a hold over of a happy memory of my moms.  I remember her telling us that when she was growing up it was still quite a big deal and expense to get oranges in the winter since they certainly don’t grow around here in Canada.  It always made me think of Laura Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie and the story of them getting oranges, pennies , and candy Christmas morning and how excited they were.  While oranges aren’t a luxury item anymore, they’re still the perfect addition to a Christmas breakfast.  They’re a great healthy snack to include.  Any of your favorite fruits would be a great addition to this holiday menu, including a fruit salad.

Santa themed Christmas breakfast

Santa Dessert Board

I thought it would be fun to put together a Christmas treat board for our get together.  This is a Santa themed sweet charcuterie board, and it was a great hit at our brunch.  

Christmas treat board snack board dessert board

My favourite part were the Belgium chocolate letters.  These are usually a stocking stuffer, but I thought it would be fun and delicious to spell out a “ho ho ho”.  We included lots of Christmas cookies too, as the perfect sweet ending to our holiday brunch.

We used fresh strawberries, powdered donuts, and a mini marshmallow to make the cutest Santa hat treats.  And there were also lots of other treats.  You can read all about the “Ho Ho Ho Santa Themed Sweet Board” here.

Christmas treat board

Santa hat treatsWe had such a fun morning together with our friends.  I think this will become a new holiday tradition for us.  Our Christmas brunch menu was easy to put together with some great delicious recipes that everyone loved.  

Christmas breakfast ideas

I hope our Christmas brunch ideas give you some holiday inspiration.  With a Santa themed Christmas breakfast to enjoy, life really is a party!

This post is sponsored by Giant Tiger.  As always, all opinion are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that make Life is a Party possible.

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