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DIY Star Garland

DIY Star Garland: easy craft using polymer clay and gold wire to create beautiful star garland for Christmas decorating.

DIY Star Garland: easy craft using polymer clay and gold wire to create beautiful star garland for Christmas decorating.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! I’m excited to share this fun and easy DIY Star Garland today. I used polymer clay to make them.

polymer star garland


There are lots more DIY Christmas Ornament inspiration at the end of the post. I’m joining some of my favourite bloggers as part of the Seasonal Simplicity Christmas Series. So be sure to check out all there amazing projects with the links at the end of this post.

This year I think we’re all home more than usual and craving some fun homemade Christmas projects. I made the stars for this DIY star garland out of polymer clay, and then painted with some iridescent paint for a little extra sparkle -but you could always skip this step for a more rustic feel, then I strung them with some gold wire. The wire works really well because it holds them in place perfectly, and adds it’s own sparkle to the project too.

how to make a star garland

DIY Star Garland Materials

To make this project you’ll need:

  • polymer clay (white and pink)
  • dowel or small rolling pin
  • parchment paper
  • small star cookie cutter
  • toothpick
  • baking sheet
  • iridescent paint
  • fine gauge gold wire

how to make a star garland


How To Make A DIY Star Garland

Making The Stars

1. Begin by kneading the polymer clay until it’s soft and plyable.  Work on a piece of parchment, especially with the white polymer clay, because it picks up bits from any surface really easily.  Cover the polymer with a second piece of parchment and roll it out flat with a rolling pin or dowel to about 1/16 th of an inch, or your desired thickness.

2.Use a small star cookie cutter to cut out star shapes, my cutters were about 1 inch and 1/2 inch in size.  Because the stars are so small it’s difficult to transfer them once they’re cut out without damaging their shape, so I found it easiest to remove the extra clay from around them, and leave them in place on the parchment paper.

3. Before baking your last step is to create a small hole in one tip of each star for the wire.  I used a small toothpick for this.

DIY polymer clay star garland

Baking Your Stars

4. Place your parchment paper full of stars on a baking sheet and bake in the oven to harden them, according to the manufactures directions for baking temperature and time.


5. Once the stars are baked and cooled, paint one side of them with the iridescent paint.  Once dry, flip them over and paint the other side.

Making The Garland

6. To make the garland cut a length of about 4 ft of wire at a time, and thread on one star at a time.  Twist the wire several times around the star, and then leave a gap of 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/2 inches between each star.

polymer clay star Christmas ornaments


This projects is really easy and so fun to create.  It would be a great project to do with kids too, because it’s kind of like playing with play dough.  If you don’t like your first attempt you can redo it over  and over before you bake it and make it permanent.  

mini Christmas tree in a galvanized bucket


You could make these in any colours to fit your Christmas decor also.  I chose white and pink, but all white, or gold would be really lovely too.

mini star garland

I made my garland in two different sizes, and used it in several places.  It looks beautiful on a small tree in my kitchen.  I’m even adding it to my star garland and mantel too.  It would even look great layered with ribbon and used on a present.

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    These are gorgeous! I can’t wait to make them!! Do you have an easy, printable “How-to guide/recipe” for the making the star garland? I’d like to print it out instead of scrolling through my computer screen as I’m making it and I’m not sure if I can do that.
    Thanks for posting this 🙂 ,

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