Sleeping Beauty Princess Party

Sleeping Beauty Party: an almost sleepover with matching pjs, popcorn buffet, take home breakfast, and free Sleeping Beauty printables.Sleeping Beauty Party: an almost sleepover with matching pjs, popcorn buffet, take home breakfast, and free Sleeping Beauty printables.

On the weekend we had so much fun hosting an “almost” slumber party. The party was a Sleeping Beauty party and was so much fun, and I’m so excited to share all of our Sleeping Beauty party ideas with you. I say “almost” slumber party, since we had all the fun of a Princess slumber party – with new pj’s, watching Sleeping Beauty, an amazing popcorn snack bar, and a photo booth, but we sent our little friends home to sleep. We also sent them along with a Princess breakfast all packed up “to-go” for them to enjoy in the morning. It was so much fun. This would be a great as a Sleeping Beauty birthday party too.

Princess Party Planning Checklist

If you’re planning your own party use can use our Princess Party Planning Checklist to help you get organized for the special event, with reminders for things like sending the princess invitations, and planning the menu. Don’t forget birthday cake if it’s for your daughter’s birthday

click here for your own free printable Party checklist.

free printable Princess Party Planning Checklist

Matching Princess Pajamas

We picked our date – a Friday night, and invited a few special friends. Since it was an almost slumber party we started out with all matching Princess little girl pajamas for all the girls. These were so much fun and a great take-home party favors for the party guests. I love giving something useful.

Disney princess party photo booth

Princess Photo Booth

I picked up a few Sleeping Beauty party supplies, including this Princess photo backdrop that came with great props, such a fun and simple way to do a photo booth at the party. As soon as the girls arrived they changed into their matching pj’s. A princess dress is always fun, but this was more of a pj kind of party. ;). The girls had such a great time posing. This would be really fun to do with a birthday girl too, and take a picture of the guest of honor with everyone for a keepsake of the special day.

Sleeping Beauty Theatre

Then we invited them into our “theatre”. We transformed our living room, by removing most of the furniture. This set the scene for a whole lot of fun to be had.

Sleeping beauty party

Sleeping Beauty Party Decorations


I strung up curtains to hide the kitchen, and decked out the couch with lots of gold and fur – the perfect Princess decor.

The wall behind the TV was decorated with fun bunting, in our pink and gold color scheme. I made it out of scrapbook paper and created a few Princess bunting flags from paper plates. This is such a fun way to add some more princess details

.diy princess party bunting

DIY Sleeping beauty party decorations

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And the fireplace got the Sleeping Beauty treatment too. I made a curtain of pink tulle, and added a chalkboard with flashing Christmas lights. I found the pictures of the fairy godmothers on-line, and added them for a little fairy magic. 

A little rose bush seemed like a fun detail, since Aurora was re-named Briar Rose by the fairies. I also made a simple “Once Upon A Dream” banner, and added a little gold glitter for fun


Sleeping beauty party decor

Sleeping Beauty “Make It Pink, Make It Blue” Popcorn Buffet

The star attraction was the Movie Popcorn Buffet, which was really a dessert table, given all the sweet treats included. Over the buffet I hung a pretty Princess chandelier, and for added sparkle I wound a string of tiny lights around it -it was so pretty.

Princess party decor

My favorite scene from the movie has to be the fairies arguing over whether Princess Aurora should have a pink dress or blue dress, so I used this idea for the popcorn buffet. One side was “Make it Blue” and the other was “Make it Pink”.

Sleeping beauty party popcorn buffet

Free Sleeping Beauty Printables

I made these fun free printables, get them here –Make it Pink –Make it Blue, and set up lots of fun treats. 

We started out with popcorn – pink and blue of course, as well as caramel corn and regular popcorn.

Sleeping beauty make it pink make it blue snack popcorn buffet

Along with the popcorn, I added lots of fun candy add-ins, so everyone could personalize their snacks.

Sleeping beauty popcorn buffet

Popcorn Add-ins:

  • pink popcorn
  • blue popcorn
  • caramel popcorn
  • regular popcorn
  • blue candies: Hersey’s kisses, chocolate coins, cotton candy, sprinkles, and chocolate balls
  • pink candies:  cotton candy, goldfish crackers, star marshmallows, sprinkles, jellybeans, chocolate coins, and chocolate balls

The girls used the pretty Princess cups to make their personalized popcorn mixes.

Sleeping beauty themed party food

Sleeping Beauty Drinks

For drinks there was blue sports drink, or pink lemonade, in pretty bottles with paper straws, and Princess fairy wands.

Sleeping beauty make it pink, make it blue popcorn buffet

Once we had our snacks, it was time to enjoy the movie!

Sleeping beauty party

Princess Take Home Breakfast

One of my favorite details of our “almost” sleepover was to send the girls home with a special Princess breakfast to enjoy in the morning.

almost slumber party take home take out breakfast

Click here for the free printable “wishing you sweet dreams and an even sweeter breakfast” sign.

Sleeping beauty slumber party breakfast to go

I used some gable boxes to hold all their goodies, and decorated them with some princess washi tape. On the top of the boxes and tied with a bow was a thank-you card – since Princesses always remember a thank-you card, that had directions on the back for the breakfast. Inside the each box was a breakfast fit for a queen – or a Princess, lol.

Sleeping beauty slumber party breakfast princess waffles 1

I made regular waffles and cut the tops to make them into crowns! We also included an individual maple syrup, and “Briar Rose’s Berries” and some edible fairy dust to have on top of their waffles!

edible fairy dust

I used little glass jars and combined pink sprinkles and some edible gold glitter. The little princesses loved them.

Sleeping beauty almost slumber party take home take out breakfast

Along with the waffles, I bought fun mini cereal boxes and added a pink spoon with some more washi tape, and a package of hot chocolate. So much fun!

Princess Breakfast Menu

  • crown waffles
  • Briar Rose’s Berries
  • edible glitter pink sprinkles
  • individual maple syrup
  • cereal box
  • hot chocolate

I hope you love all these great ideas for decor, activites, and snacks. With a Sleeping Beauty “almost” slumber party, life really is a party!

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  1. This is such a fun party! I love your idea to make princess bunting flags out of paper plates!

  2. Look at those cuties in their matching pajamas! So fun! Love how you divided the blue and pink… what a great party!

  3. This is such a great theme for a slumber party. And I love the pink vs blue treats! So cute!

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