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Snow White Party -Dinner and A Movie

Snow White Party -Dinner and A Movie: Snow White themed dinner and party decor ideas, and Snow White printables.
Snow White Party -Dinner and A Movie: Snow White themed dinner and party decor ideas, and Snow White printables.

I’m wishing, I’m wishing, for the one I love… to have a Snow White party themed dinner and movie night with!  Snow White is the second Disney Princess Themed Dinner and a Movie night.  You can check out all the details from our The Princess and The Frog dinner and movie night here.  We’re having so much fun creating these special family nights this summer. Any of these ideas would also be great for a special Disney date Snow White movie night with someone special, or as a Snow White birthday party, for a special birthday girl.

Snow White Party

Snow White is as classic as they come, since it was the very first Disney princess movie, in fact, the very first Disney movie. Lovable Snow White is the victim of her jealous stepmother the Queen, and takes refuge in the cottage of the seven dwarfs. She’s assisted by the friendly forest animals.

The Snow White Party Decor

Forest Tablescape

For our special Snow White themed dinner we started out with putting together the decor for the night. I wanted to create a forest feel in our living room. I found the cutest forest creatures at the dollar store. They’re meant as garden decor, but were the perfect scale for our party. I also picked up a few clip on birds at the dollar store, as well.

Snow White food ideas

To make it look like a forest I used a large branch and some wild flowers on the table too. The blue birds were perfect to clip on to the branch amongst the leaves. I also used several wood cake stands -see how we DIY’d them here. To add even more of the forest feel to our food table, I added in some preserved moss, and a few acorns and pinecones too. I also had some ceramic mushrooms, that were the perfect touch.

Snow White Party decor

Snow White Party decorations

Evil Queen Party Decor

Our beautiful forest table, filled with friendly forest animals wasn’t our only special spot for this party. I added a side table, but with a much darker feel. This area was inspired by the evil queen, and the poison apple. 

For this area, the first thing I did was add in this large birch tree, that I had from some decor in the past. It’s one that I cut down and used cement to make a base for in a bucket. It was perfect for adding the spooky forest feel from the film. I also had some curly willow branches that I used on the table.

how to throw a Snow White Party

Snow White movie night

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

It wouldn’t be a Snow White party, without the famous mirror, mirror on the wall. I used my Cricut to add the saying to our magic mirror with vinyl. You can find a full tutorial to make the Mirror, Mirror here, along with the free cut file for your Cricut.  If you don’t have a Cricut, you could create a really similar effect with a dry erase marker. Just use the marker to to write out the phase “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” on a mirror. After the party, just erase the phase.

Snow White Party Printables

My favourite addition to our Snow White party table was the gorgeous printables. We made a cute sign with the phrase “I’m wishing for the one I love” our favourite line to sing from the movie. We printed it on card stock and used it on our table, or you could add it to any picture frames. 

Along with the sign we made a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie ticket. Print these out and give them to your kids, date, or friends in anticipation of movie night as party invitations.

Snow White Party ideas

Snow White movie ticket printable invitation

We also made food labels, straw flags, dessert picks, and water bottle labels to fit our theme and color scheme. This is an easy way to add some more fun details to your Snow White party decorations. My favourite is the bottled water label. Just print, cut, and wrap around regular water bottles, attaching them with your glue gun. Our water’s from the Wishing Well Water Company, “quenching thirst and granting wishes since 1938” (when Snow White was first released). I love adding little details like this that really take things to the next level.

Purchase the printable PDF package here, just download, print, and enjoy for your own movie night.

Snow White water bottle labels

Snow White Themed Foods


We love nothing more around here than a film and food pairing. It’s so fun to create food inspired by the movie and enjoy it while watching. In the movie, Snow White comes to the cottage and makes the seven dwarfs dinner, giving us lots of different food ideas right from the movie. Their dinner is soup and bread, so that inspired our dinner as well.

Snow White Party

I made a beef and vegetable soup, you can find the recipe here.  In the movie, there are also rolls on the tables that look like little miniature loaves of bread, so I picked some up at local bakery and added them to our table.

Snow White Party food ideas

Snow White Party Dinner and A Movie

Snow White food ideas

When the seven dwarfs invite Snow White to stay she offers to cook for them each day and they ask for gooseberry pie, plum pudding, and apple dumplings.  Apple dumplings are an easy favourite of ours, so we made them for our dinner too -find our recipe here.

Snow White dinner

Of course we had to include some poison apples inspired by the red apple that the witch gives Snow White in the movie. We made homemade candy apples, and they looked and tasted amazing for our princess party. You can find the recipe for our homemade candy apples here.  To make them feel extra rustic, I clipped some branches to use as the sticks for them.

Snow White poison apples

I also found a cute glass apple bowl at the dollar store, and used it to hold some apple flavoured lollipops. This was a really easy detail add. These would also be a great addition to a goodie bag if you were hosting this princess Snow White party as a birthday celebration.

Snow White dessert table

In the movie the evil queen tells the woodsman to bring Snow White to the forest and kill her. She also tells him to bring her heart back to the queen in a box to prove he’s done it. The woodsman lets Snow White go and instead puts a pig’s heart in the box to satisfy the queen. I found a small wood box at the dollar store and used it to serve some chocolate hearts -for a delightfully gruesome detail for our princess party.

Snow White themed desserts

This party was so much fun. We had a great dinner together -and probably too many sweet treats too. The movie is a classic for a reason, and I’ll be humming high ho, high ho, it’s off to work we go for ages -along with all the other great songs from the movie.

With a Snow White themed dinner and movie night, life really is a party!

Disney Princess Dinner and Movie Toolkit

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