Smooth Cottage Cheese Apple Dip

Smooth Cottage Cheese Apple Dip- simple and delicious after school with caramel sauce, toffee bits, and walnuts.
Smooth Cottage Cheese Apple Dip- simple and delicious sweet cottage cheese dip with caramel sauce, toffee bits, and walnuts.

It’s apple season, and back to school.  We’re finally getting into a routine again, this week my girls have started after school activities again.  This September has flown by, and I can hardly believe it’s the end of the month already.

Smooth Cottage Cheese Apple Dip

Back to school, and after school activities for my kids means quick, healthy and delicious after school snacks are needed, and this is the perfect one.

sweet Smooth Cottage Cheese

To make this yummy apple dip, I started out with Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese.  It comes in three flavours: Vanilla Bean, Lemon, and Salted Caramel.  We used Vanilla Bean this time.  Nordic Smooth Cottage Cheese is a great energy giving snack, with 10g of protein per serving, and only 110 calories, perfect for fueling after school activities.

sweet Smooth Cottage Cheese dip
We drizzled the top of the smooth cottage cheese with some dulce de leche caramel sauce, and sprinkled on some toffee bits and walnuts.
Smooth Cottage Cheese Apple Dip
I sliced up a few Honey Crisp apples, if you’ve never tried this variety they are the best -so crisp and sweet.
apple dip made with smooth cottage cheese
And then it was time for dipping!  We loved this sweet and delicious snack.
Cottage Cheese Dip with caramel and walnuts
With Smooth Cottage Cheese Apple Dip, life really is a party!
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