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Easy Winter Snowman Themed Party Dinner

Snowman Dinner -easy snowman themed party with snowman tablescape, and menu, kids will LOVE, perfect for a family dinner.Snowman Dinner -easy snowman themed party with snowman tablescape, and menu, kids will LOVE, perfect for a family dinner.

It’s January and there’s lots of snow around here. So in the spirit of “love the one you’re with”  and since we’re with snow, lots of snow, we had some friends over for a little snowman theme party for dinner the other day. It was a Friday night affair that was pretty simple to put together and a lot of fun.

This would also be a really fun themed for a holiday party, or just a winter party.  I hope these snowman party ideas inspire you for your own get together.

snowman plates

The Snowman Themed Party Table

The best snowman decorations for our party were our place settings.  My little girl and I made them with some simple supplies.  It’s a quick idea that is really easy to put together.  We made snowmen for the table with our regular white dinner plates and side plates. The scarves were made out of paper napkins. We used some snowflake napkins, but you can use different colors.  A red napkin would work great too.  The face was a baby carrot nose, and raisin eyes and mouth. Chocolate chips would be a great option for the face as well.  We used smarties for buttons, and positioned the fork and knife as snowman arms.  You could add more snowman accessories, like a snowman hat.  

You can use black paper napkins to add top hats.  We didn’t really have room for them, but they’re a fun addition.  Our party guests thought our table was extra fun and got so excited as soon as they saw it.  It’s a great way to welcome guests and get them excited about a winter theme for this time of the year.  I always love how little things like this get kids so excited!  The table was a huge hit.

how to make a snowman place setting

I used a pretty snowflake runner, and some snowflake confetti on the the table. I also used lots of candles for a warm glow on this cold winter night. The centre piece was our donut snowmen, that we shared here.

snowman themed party tablescape

Snowman Themed Party Menu

We added a few other snowman themed elements to the night for fun.  This is such a great theme to get creative with your own ideas.

Snowman Noses and Dip

We started the evening off with some dip and “snowman noses” which were carrots.  There just might have been some chips available to go with the dip too.  This was such a simple and easy snowman themed party food.

Snowman Themed Party Pizza

It was “make your own pizza” night.  I find this is so much fun for kids.  They can add whatever they like, and everyone is happy.  Of course for our theme, we encourage our guests to make a snowman pizza.  We had store bought dough.  Everyone made a circle and added pizza sauce and then covered it with “snow” aka mozzarella cheese.  Then it was time to add their snowman faces.  We had things like olives, mushrooms, zucchini and pepperoni for everyone to make their fun snowman face pizza.  This was a really fun activity, and the parents helped the kids to make them.

snowman themed party food ideas

Snowman Themed Hot Chocolate

I made the kids some snowman hot chocolate to drink. We started out with white hot chocolate.  I found the packet of hot cocoa made with white chocolate at the grocery store and thought it was so perfect for our snowman themed.  We also added whipped cream, and marshmallows that the kids made snowman faces on with edible markers, and a some mini marshmallows for good measure.  They had a lot of fun drawing the snowman faces themselves with the edible markers on a large marshmallow.  

Snowmen Donuts

For dessert we had our donut snowmen -you can find the full tutorial for how I made them here.  They were really easy to put together and real hit with the party guests.  I used three different powdered sugar donuts to make them.  I started out with a jelly donut fo the base of our snowman.  Next came a traditional mini powdered donut and we topped off our snowman with doughnut holes.  Our snowmen got decorated with pretzel sticks for arms, and little noses made of orange mike and ike candies, candy corn would be a great choice here too.  Our snowman donuts also had little chocolate chips eyes, and hats made from a peppermint pattie and a mini peanut butter cup.  These made a great centrepiece on the table, and they were so yummy.

snowman themed party food

Snow Ice Cream

We also made snow ice cream.  If you’re looking for an outdoor activity you can get everyone dressed up for the snow and go out and collect it together.  And while you’re out there you might throw a few snow balls, and build an actual snowman, or turn it into a sledding party.  We made our ice cream at the end of the party, so we just grabbed some fresh snow from the deck and made our ice cream inside.  See how we made it for the first time here, but this time we used an even easier method.  Just combine snow with sweetened condensed milk.  We made individual bowls.  A  few tablespoons to a cereal bowl and add a few cups of snow.  Each person stirs to combine, until it looks like ice cream.  You can add more condensed milk to make it sweeter.   You can also add on some toppings if you like.  Our chocolate fans liked a little chocolate syrup to turn it into chocolate ice cream.  It was fun and very yummy, and the kids really loved making their own. 

We had a really fun night, and it was easy and very do-able even at the end of a long week, since a lot of the food was “make your own”.  This simple celebration was easy to put together.   I always find this works so well with small children, since they can customize it, and the food making becomes the activity for the evening. I hope it inspires you.  This would be a really fun get together over winter break, or even as a family Christmas party if you live somewhere where you have a white Christmas.

With a snowman themed party for dinner with friends, life really is a party!

snowman themed party table

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  1. What a fun night you must have had! I love your snowmen plate arrangements. So fun and easy to do. Joni

  2. Danyelle – you hold the most fabulous parties – I love all your ideas. You are certainly creating lots of lovely memories for your children. They are so lucky to have you as a Mom. I am coveting the light over the table – it’s gorgeous x

  3. Julia, I’ve been having a rough day. Thanks so much for your kind comments. You made me smile.

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