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Summer Picnic

Easy Summer Picnic: with an easy summer picinc menu, and some cute individual serving ideas this picnic is summery and fun!
Easy Summer Picnic: with an easy menu, and some cute individual serving ideas this picnic is summery and fun!

Today I’m sharing an easy and pretty summer picnic.


I recently asked my blog readers “what keeps you from entertaining more”?  One of the answers I heard from quite a few people was that their house was the main reason they don’t entertain more.  Some felt their decor wasn’t what they wanted, or they were doing renos that weren’t finished. Others said their houses were too small for company, and a few mentioned how hard it was to clean up for entertaining, especially with small children.  

This inspired a series of Summer Picnics.  If entertaining at home is a problem, let’s meet up with friends outside -at a park, at the beach, on a trail.  I hope this series of blog posts on summer picnics will inspire some of you and help with the problem by getting you entertaining outside of your house.

summer picnic menu ideas

Today we’re kicking if off with an easy picnic we enjoyed at the beach.

Easy Summer Picnic Menu

  • peach punch
  • sandwiches
  • chips
  • strawberry shortcake in a mason jar
  • thermos of tea

We had an easy menu -one that’s perfect for the kids.  It was easy, but it was certainly delicious.  And we’re always looking for easy and delicious, right?

what to serve at a picnic

We started out with some peach punch in these pretty glass bottles.  I bought these reusable bottles years ago, and I’ve used them over and over for parties and picnics.  The flip tops are fun and they’re always a hit with guests.  After your done, be sure to bring them home and wash them for next time.

sandwiches for a picnic


We had a real picnic classic for this one -sandwiches.  Sandwiches are always great for a picnic because they travel so well, and can be made to suit any taste.  We mostly had ham and swiss cheese, with some lettuce and tomatoes, and some sweet honey mustard.  I say mostly because sandwiches are easy to customize to everyone’s taste.  One might want no mustard, one no cheese. Sandwiches are a great veggie option too.  And, who doesn’t love a really great sandwich?

easy summer picnic ideas

Chips In A Paper Bag

Along with our sandwiches we had some chips, we served them in individual paper bags, with the little pretty washi tape to hold them closed.  I love this option, everyone gets their own which is always a plus with kids.

picnic dessert ideas

Strawberry Shortcake In A Mason Jar

For a fun little dessert we had individual strawberry shortcakes in a mason jar.  I just cut up some angel food cake for the bottom, added some strawberries as the next layer, and finished it off with some sweetened whipped cream.  Simple and delicious.

individual servings for a picnic

I used some old vintage feeling wicker and brought along some pretty pillows for lounging too.  We piled everything up in our little wagon and headed for a pretty spot at the beach.  We had such a lovely afternoon by the water, eating and visiting with friends.

Easy Summer Picnic

And for the grown-ups, I even brought along a thermos of tea to enjoy with our desserts.  When I was a little girl, I can remember my mom packing up a thermos of tea for her and my dad on any long road trips.  I have to say it sure is nice after a dip in the cool lake to have a nice hot cup of tea in the sun.

Easy Summer Picnic dessert

I hope you’re feeling inspired, especially if you feel like your house keeps you from entertaining as much as you’d like.  How about calling up some friends this weekend and inviting them to meet you and your family for a picnic at your local beach?

Easy Summer Picnic

With an easy summer picnic, life really is a party!

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