Twig Houses

Twig Houses: Easy DIY with twigs, glue, and paint to make these decorative twig houses.

Twig Houses: Easy DIY with twigs, glue, and paint to make these decorative twig houses.

This month for #12monthsofDIY our material is wood!  There’s probably a million great DIY’s you could do with wood, but I wanted to give these sweet little twig houses a try, and love, love, love how they turned out.  I first saw some on “The Block” an Australian decorating show that I might be slightly addicted to…anyway they’re been on there a few times and I always thought they were really cute.  So I went looking for them and found these, gorgeous, and not available here.  What’s a DIYer to do…have a go at them.  The originals are probably made with nails, but we’re keeping it simple with gold old hot glue.  Here’s how I made them.

forest with dogwood growing


  • twigs
  • hot glue
  • paint

How To Make A Twig House:

First job is to find some twigs.  I used dogwood because there is lots growing in the forrest behind our house, and the branches looked pretty straight.

Cut your twigs into long pieces removing most of any twigs at the side.  I did choose to leave a few,  and I think they look really good with just a couple pieces like that.

Now, decide on how big you want to make your first twig house and cut out two matching side pieces, two roof pieces and a shorter piece for the bottom base.  Make sure the side pieces are cut on angle to create the roof slope, and then trim your roof pieces so they match up.  You don’t need to get your protractor or anything here.  A little wonky-ness adds character.  Now use some hot glue to attach all your pieces together.

Then, make a copy of this house front for the back.

Next, decide on the length of the sides, and glue them in place on one side, and then to the side.  Now it’s starting to look like a house.

Lastly, find a piece for the top roof piece, and then two more short ones for the sides at the top.  Glue them in place and your little house structure is done.

Twig Houses made of dog wood branches

To finish these sweet little houses off, I painted them with Fusion paint.  It was my first time working with this paint and it was really nice to work with; great coverage, pretty colours, no bad smell, and easy clean up.  I gave my little houses two coats.

how to make a Twig House out of branches

You can make these in all different sizes, I did three, all slightly bigger than the next. They’d be perfect for some nesting dolls to live in.

diy Twig Houses


You can see here how I left a few little twigs sticking out on some of the pieces, adds a little more character.

how to make a decorative Twig House

I love how the details of the wood show through, but how the paint colours make them look a little more modern.

make your own Twig House

Remember they don’t have to be perfect, a little crocket works.

pretty diy Twig Houses decorative decor

I like the white and then just one pretty pinkish one –Fusion has great colours!  These would be great done in bright spring colours too…think yellow, turquoise, the possibilities are endless.

Twig Houses: Easy DIY with twigs, glue, and paint to make these decorative twig houses.

With pretty DIY twig houses, life really is a party.
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  1. What a fun DIY project! My mind is racing with possibilities! They can be made for the outdoor porch, deck or patio. Fun to add to any room of the house to add to the decor. I also love how you stressed that wonkiness was OK. Totally my idea of a project… not looking for perfection.

  2. These are adorable! I almost prefer them au-naturel! You should add a red natural one to the little village 😉

  3. These are so sweet, Danyelle! What an adorable idea and so cute for Spring decor. I could also see them modified a bit to use in a little fairy garden! Thanks for sharing & I’m glad your site is back up. 🙂

  4. I love willow. It’s always different, depending on the kind, and it smells good too! Glad you liked my suggestion, Dannyelle! I’ll be making some of these twig houses for my garden art porch decor display that I’m putting together.

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