Construction Birthday Party!

Can we build it? Yes, we can!

tara's 3rd birthday 030

Today was my God daughter Tara’s third birthday, and she wanted a construction theme birthday party. She was wearing the sweetest custom made shirt from etsy, and beautiful blue tulle tutu skirt to match! She looked so cute.

Guests were greeted by a welcome table by the door with a “Clock In” Station, where they received personalized hard hats, and tool belts.

tara's 3rd birthday 002

tara's 3rd birthday 001

After they got their equipment on, it was off to enjoy the activities! There was a rice bin full of toy bulldozers and dump trucks to play in.

tara's 3rd birthday 067

There was also a great cardboard house to be coloured and decorated, and “built” with all the fun play tools at the work bench.

tara's 3rd birthday 026

tara's 3rd birthday 038

tara's 3rd birthday 032

tara's 3rd birthday 039

There was also a play area with a garage, vehicles, road rug, and wooden blocks.

tara's 3rd birthday 031

Another station was set up with homemade play dough, and some really cute tool themed cookie cutters.

tara's 3rd birthday 007

Tara’s mom made her a really fun birthday banner, with an amazing tool font for the letters.

tara's 3rd birthday 009

Throughout the party, there were all kinds of fun signs, like this one on the front door.

tara's 3rd birthday 072

tara's 3rd birthday 046

The party colours were yellow, orange and blue. Even the punch was colour co-ordinated.

tara's 3rd birthday 037

There was also a fun popcorn station, complete with orange popcorn!

tara's 3rd birthday 059

The sweet table was beautiful, and everything was so delicious!

tara's 3rd birthday 058

Heather made cute themed table cloths herself, and really fun “dig in” signs. She used a few toys to hold goodies too.

tara's 3rd birthday 016 tara's 3rd birthday 023

The sugar cookies were so cute! (Won’t these be cute for Father’s Day!)

tara's 3rd birthday 019

She also made cake pops, our new party favourite, co-ordinated in orange and yellow.

tara's 3rd birthday 017

There were also lots of sweet candies, and goody bags to pack some up to take home.

tara's 3rd birthday 015

tara's 3rd birthday 024

The cake was a cupcake pull apart cake, made with the Wilton Transportation Puzzle Cakes Silicone Build-a-Cake set. It turned out to be so cute. I especially liked the cookie crumb “dirt” it was driving through -no detail too small! The candles were mini-tools, from Bulk Barn.

tara's 3rd birthday 020

tara's 3rd birthday 022

After lunch, the “Build A Cupcake” workshop was open for business.

tara's 3rd birthday 008

Builders worked with yellow, orange, and blue icing, sprinkles, and candy lego to build the perfect cupcake!

tara's 3rd birthday 089

tara's 3rd birthday 095 tara's 3rd birthday 087 tara's 3rd birthday 093

After all the fun, it was time “Clock Out”, and head home with your very own tool kit loot bag!

tara's 3rd birthday 003

tara's 3rd birthday 004

It was a wonderful party, and everyone had a great time! I hope it inspires you. Happy Birthday Tara, may year three be truly blessed!

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  1. brooke schaefer says:

    ADORABLE!!! Great attention to ever detail. This is wonderful

  2. WOW! What a great idea! Will be using it for one (or both) of my son’s birthday parties. Tara covered EVERYTHING!!! Where was that amazing cardboard house purchased.

  3. WOW!!! What a great idea! I`ll definitely use this one for onr or bothof my boys. Seems like every detail has been covered! Where was that amazing cardboard house purchased?

  4. Not sure if this is too late, but the cardboard house was purchased at Michael’s

  5. Michelle says:

    Did you purchase the Home Depot tool belts or did they give them to you?

  6. Hi Michelle, You can buy the tool belts at Home Depot, they’re not expensive, around $1 I think. Have a great construction party!

  7. Lindsey McPherson says:

    Love this idea. Where did you get the tool sets for the party favors?

  8. Hi Lindsey, I think the tool sets were from Toys’r’Us, but it was a few years ago. Best of luck.

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