Beauty and the Beast Party -Themed Dinner and Movie Night

Beauty and the Beast Party Ideas -Themed Dinner and Movie Night: beef ragu, baguette, and the grey stuff along with a root beer at Gaston’s Tavern.
Beauty and the Beast movie night and themed dinner food menu

When I decided to do a series of Disney Princess themed dinner and movie nights this summer, I knew right away that I wanted to include one of our favorite fairy tales, Beauty and the Beast. It is one of the most cherished animated films of all time. Perhaps because Belle is a smart book worm, or because the newer live action movie is so beautiful, or maybe because, in this case, the princess saves the prince? 

Inspired by Disney’s Beauty and Beast movies, this evening is full of amazing Beauty and the Beast party ideas that you will love. This party feels a little more grown up and sophisticated, probably because I was influenced by the live action version to use some beautiful vintage inspired pieces for the decor. You could find most of what I used at the thrift store, so it should be easy to recreate something similar at your house, with a little pre-planning and shopping.

Beauty and the Beast Party Decor

Let’s start with the decor. Many years ago, my friend Heather created a beautiful Beauty and the Beast party for her little girl Allie, and let me share it on the blog. You can find the gorgeous Beauty and the Beast party decor and food ideas here, and the really fun and creative Beauty and the Beast themed games and activities here.

We set everything up in our living room around the coffee table to enjoy dinner while watching the movie on the big screen. If you prefer a Beauty and Beast dinner party, use our ideas to set up a dining room


Beauty and the Beast party

Book Page Runner

Heather did a gorgeous tablescape for the party that really inspired me. She made a book page runner, in honour of Belle’s love of reading that I recreated for our Beauty and the Beast movie night. I picked up some old and really inexpensive books at the thrift store. Next I ripped out pages and used my hot glue gun to attach them together to create the table runner.

Beauty and the Beast party ideas

Lumiere and Cogsworth

I thought it would be fun to include a clock to symbolize one of our favorite characters, Cogsworth, and a gold candlestick to represent Lumiere. I had an old clock that was perfect, but if you didn’t you could look at a thrift store for something similar. Remember it doesn’t need to be exact, which mine isn’t.. It’s just to give the suggestion. The candlestick I used was also from the thrift store. It was originally wood, but we liked the shape, and spray painted it gold. Brass candlestick holders would work well too.

beauty and the beast party decor

how to decorate for a beauty and the beast party

Enchanted Rose

To create an enchanted rose to use on our table I used a glass cloche I already had. It was really simple to put together. I used a piece of clear fishing line, and tied a fresh rose at the base, Next I used clear tape to attach the fishing line to the top of the cloche so the rose would hang. Lastly, I used some battery powered mini lights in the cloche as well, to create a magical look. Just remember, if you’re using a real rose like I did, not to put it together too early, as the rose will eventually wilt with no water source.

beauty and the beast rose decoration

beauty and the beast magic rose decoration

I used the rest of the red roses, and a few rose petals that I tore off, on the table. I also decorated with some stacks of vintage books that I had.

beauty and the beast party ideas

Beauty and the Beast Party Printables

We also created some beautiful custom printables for the Beauty and the Beast movie night. Starting out with this gorgeous movie ticket. Print these off on your home computer or office supply store, and use them as an invitation for your kids, and friends.

beauty and the beast movie ticket

We also included a beautiful poster with this printable set that says “tale as old as time”.

Beauty and the beast magic rose

There’s also food labels to go with our themed dinner menu, and beautiful cupcake picks that we used in our grey stuff dessert.

beauty and the beast themed dinner menu food ideas

You can purchase the Beauty and the Beast printables for this party here.  Just download and print on your home computer, or at an office supply store, and enjoy.

beauty and the beast printables

Gaston’s Tavern

We also included a little tribute to our favourite bad guy, Gaston -an iconic character. We created a special little area for Gaston’s Tavern. Where the coffee table decor was inspired by the beast’s castle, this area is Inspired by the song lyrics, we were sure to use lots of antlers “… I use antlers in all of my decorating…” and included a faux deer head on the wall.

how to throw a beauty and the beast party

Gaston's tavern

We created a printable Gaston’s Tavern sign, that we added to the wall too. And based on the line “Belle what do you say we walk over to the tavern and look at my trophies?” I added some fun vintage trophies that I’ve found at antique stores to the table too.

Gaston's Tavern Beauty and the Beast party

I thought it would be fun to have some root beer at the tavern. Instead of root beer another great option would be a homemade version of Disney’s Lefou’s brew recipe. The glass beer steins are from the dollar store. I used my Cricut to add the logo to each glass. You can access my free Gaston’s Tavern logo cutting file for your Cricut machine here. In hindsight, I should have used white coloured permanent vinyl, rather than black, so it would show up better with the root beer. If you don’t have a Cricut machine, you can create something similar by printing out some small logos on paper, and using glue to attach them the mugs for the night. The glued paper will wash off easily with some hot soapy water later. I’ve included the small logos in the printable package too.

Beauty and the Beast food

Gston's tavern party ideas

Beauty and the Beast Themed Food

Some Disney Princess movies don’t have much food mentioned in them, and it’s a little challenging to come up with a theme menu, but not this one. The famous Be Our Guest song is full of ideas of what to serve for dinner. And we were also inspired by the Beauty and Beast menu at the Be our Guest restaurant at Walt Disney World.

We went with beef ragout, baguette, and the grey stuff. This beef ragu is a favourite of ours and I’ve been meaning to share the recipe for awhile. It’s a braised beef sauce made with red wine, and beef broth, and it’s rich and delicious. This is one of my favorite, most delicious recipes. We served ours with pasta, it’s also fantastic with mashed potatoes. Find the recipe for our Braised Beef Ragu here.

how to throw a Beauty and the beast movie night

Beauty and the beast beef ragu

the grey stuff

The grey stuff comes from the line in the song “try the grey stuff it’s delicious, don’t believe us ask the dishes”. It’s easy to make and so good, your kids will love it. Find our easy recipe for The Grey Stuff here.  It’s a delicious combination of oreo cookies, and vanilla pudding mix. We used a piping bag to add to some delicious shortbread cookies -find the vanilla shortbread cookie recipe here. This is one of our favorite beauty and beast inspired simple treats, from one of our favorite Disney movies.

beauty and the beast grey stuff

the grey stuff

This movie night was so beautiful and so delicious. It’s one of the best Disney movies anywhere. The food is really amazing for this movie night. It would also be a great date night -a little red wine sipping as you watch the romantic live action version with your own true love.

beauty and the beast movie night ideas

beauty and the beast themed party ideas

With all these fun Beauty and the Beast party ideas for a fun themed dinner and movie night, life really is a party!

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