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Cinderella Party -Dinner and Movie Night

Cinderella Party -Dinner and Movie Night: Cinderella party decoration ideas, party printables, and a themed dinner menu of Cinderella inspired foods.
Cinderella party ideas

are having so much fun creating our Disney Princess Dinners and Movie Nights! We’re choosing our favourite Disney princess movies and creating a themed dinner that goes with the movie to enjoy while we watch it. This week we did a Cinderella Party and it was so great celebrating one of our favorite Disney Princess characters of all time. This party is wonderful as a family movie night, or a Disney date night with your very own Prince Charming. This would also be great as a magical cinderella birthday party idea for your little girl.

We’ve also done a The Princes and The Frog Dinner and Movie Night -catch up all the details from it here.  And last week we did a Snow White Dinner and Movie Night -find all the details from our Snow White night here.

Cinderella themed party

Disney’s Cinderella was first released in 1950, so it would definitely be considered a classic princess Disney movie. We all grew up with it and love it, especially those adorable mice. And the fairy godmother is pretty much a dream come true too. 

Cinderella Party Decorations

We set up table in the living room, to enjoy dinner as we watched the movie. We recommend wearing your princess tiara,magic wands, and high heels, if you don’t have any glass slippers of your own. For decor for our Cinderella movie night, we started out with some inexpensive blue tulle fabric in the classic Cinderella blue colour of our favorite princess. This flouncy fabric reminded me of her ball gown and was the perfect table cloth layer for our table. While I was at the fabric store I also picked up some more Cinderella party supplies, including some pink satin ribbon, and some inexpensive teal beading. In the movie the mice find some of the stepsister’s cast offs to add to the dress they help sew for Cinderella, but when the step sisters see them on the finished dress, they rip them off and take them back ruining Cinderella’s gown.

Cinderella themed party decoration ideas

Another fun piece on the table for our Cinderella-themed party, also inspired by the mice sewing for Cinderella is the cloche of sewing supplies. I used some vintage scissors, more pearl beads, and some vintage wood spools of pink and blue thread that I found at an antique market to create a perfect little vignette. This is such a pretty addition to our party table.

DIY Cinderella party decorations

As well I added some faux pumpkins to the table, a nod to the pumpkin carriage that the fairy godmother created so Cinderella could get to the royal ball in time. These pumpkins were some I had in my fall decor, and the white worked perfectly with our colour scheme of blue, pink, and white. Mini pumpkins would be a cute addition too. As well, the clock tower plays an important role in Cinderella, since the magic spell ends at midnight, and everything turns back as it was, so we thought it was a good idea to include a vintage clock as a decoration.

Cinderella party printables

Cinderella Party Printables

The printables are the perfect addition to this Cinderella theme party. We framed the poster in a simple white frame and it looks beautiful for the party or as decor in a girl’s bedroom afterward, for the little princess.  

Cinderella party invitation movie ticket

The printable movie tickets are the perfect way to invite your kids, family, or friends. Just print and give out as a Cinderella invitation.

We also made cute food labels for the food table, to go with our menu. We’ve included some blank ones too that you can customize or use as place cards for your own party guests. There’s also round cupcake picks, that we used here on our drink glasses, and straw flags to add to straws, but would be a great addition to white cupcakes or the top of the cake for a child’s birthday celebration


Purchase the Cinderella Party Printables in our Shop here.

how to throw a Cinderella party

Cinderella Dinner Menu

Inspired by Cinderella’s pumpkins, we knew we needed to include a pumpkin dish for our dinner. We made Pumpkin Cannelloni with Sage Browned Butter Sauce. It’s a favourite here, full of rich and creamy pumpkin and sage flavours. It’s mild and should be a great option for most kids who love pasta.  Find the recipe for our Pumpkin Cannelloni with Sage Browned Butter Sauce here.

Cinderella themed foods

Cinderella themed party foods

We also had some clock bread.  This was really simple to put together.  

what to serve at a Cinderella party

I bought a fresh loaf from the bakery, and then used a food safe edible marker to add the clock hands and ticks. You could also do with individual bread rolls. Such a fun and easy addition to go with our party theme.

Cinderella food ideas

The Drinks

We made these cotton candy drinks for our movie night called “Cinderella Sippers” to remind us of Cinderella’s shoe, the famous lost glass slipper. They’re so easy to make with just two ingredients, and they were the most perfect shade of Cinderella blue. Find the simple recipe for Cotton Candy Drinks here.  Edible glitter would be a great garnish to remind us of Cinderella’s glass slipper even more.

Cinderella themed food ideas

Cinderella movie night ideas

The Wedding Cake

For dessert we made our own Happily Ever After wedding cake.  

happily ever after wedding cake

Don’t worry it was very simple to put together. I used two white cake mixes and a little homemade icing to make it. To save time you could use store bought icing too. The cake topper is a Cricut project made from bass wood. You can find all the details of how to make the “happily ever after” cake topper here, as well as a free Cricut cut file for the project.  If you didn’t want to make a cake, you could always do cupcakes, but the cake was pretty easy to put together and so much fun. Some how a wedding cake feels like the perfect ending to Disney Princess Party. You could also make it a birthday cake for the birthday girl if you were celebrating a birthday.

Cinderella movie night

This party was so much fun to put together. And don’t forget, it also pairs perfectly with the new Cinderella movie that’s a live action version -which is really great idea for older kids too, or for date night.

With a Cinderella dinner and movie night like this, life really is a party.

Disney Princess Dinner and Movie Toolkit

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