Sponge Balls and Lemon Squirters

sponge ball 1

We had a wonderful afternoon for our lemonade themed birthday party, that I shared all the decor and food for here. Today I want to share a couple cute ideas for the activities. Before the party I made some sponge balls in our party colours. I used a couple packs of sponges from the dollar store, some hair elastics, and scissors.

sponge ball 1

I snipped the sponges, almost to the middle on both sides, into 8 squares.

sponge ball 2

I used one pink sponge and one yellow, but you could make these to fit any party colour scheme. Once they’re all snipped, stack them and hold them together with a hair elastic.

sponge ball 3

Then, just tighten the elastic until the sponges form a ball shape. That’s it, so easy.

sponge ball 4

We used our sponges in our little pool, and also to do a water relay with the yellow pails.

sponge ball 5

We also set up the slip n’ slide, here’s the birthday girl enjoying a slide.

lemonade party activities 1

The other fun little activity I came up with was to make lemon squirters.

lemonade party activities 3

I found lemon juice in these little plastic lemon containers at the grocery store. I emptied out the lemon juice, and then we filled them with water to make the cutest lemon squirters!

lemonade party activities 2

The girls had a great time enjoying the water, making up relay games, squirting, sliding, and running around the backyard. With sponge balls and lemon squirters, life really is a party.

If you’re planning your own lemonade themed party, make sure to check out the whole party here.

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