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Pink and Yellow Lemon Themed Lemonade Party Ideas

Pink and Yellow Lemonade Party: ideas for DIY lemonade party decorations, a free lemonade printable, and a pink and yellow dessert table.
Pink and Yellow Lemonade Party: ideas for DIY lemonade party decorations, a free lemonade printable, and a pink and yellow dessert table.

Lemonade Party

Last week we had a special celebration for our dear friend Allie’s birthday. She’s away on a big family vacation this year over her birthday, and we just couldn’t let a year go by without celebrating with this sweet girl. She’s had some great parties in the past, including the ladybug party, the farm party, and the puppy dog party. Her favourite colour is yellow, which inspired our lemonade themed birthday celebration. The party was a surprise for Allie and she was so excited when she saw everything all set up just for her. 

Lemonade Inspired Outfit

I made her a simple hair band for her hair from a felt lemon slice, attached to a pink hair band.  This was an easy no-sew made with felt and glue, and so cute for her party look.  We teamed it up with a pretty pink tutu skirt and a yellow polka dot t-shirt for the perfect little outfit for a lemonade birthday party.

easy lemonade diy headband

It was a beautiful day outside, so we enjoyed the backyard with our lemonade stand, a bbq lunch and some fun water play. We sat out under the pergola.

Pink and Yellow Lemonade Party decor

Lemonade Themed Decor

The themed set the color palette for the party.  We went with yellow and pink to go with our fun lemonade theme.  I started out with this pretty yellow striped tablecloth. For the flowers I picked some wild flowers.  Wild pink roses, daisies and buttercups worked perfectly for our pink and yellow color scheme.  I placed the wildflowers around the yard in pretty mason jars.  They were so simple and so beautiful.

Pink and Yellow flowers centrepiece

I also used the felt birthday banner that I made years ago.

diy felt happy birthday banner bunting

When I made it, I made sure that the bunting flags on the ends were blank so the decorations could be changed with velcro or double sided tape, to fit any theme. For our lemonade party theme, I made some simple felt lemon slices out of felt and attached them to the ends.  This is such a great custom piece that I’ve had so much use of over the years, and always looks so great.  I made the main happy birthday bunting white and pink and for every birthday I just change out the felt picture pieces on the end to match whatever theme we’re doing.  It’s such an easy way to add some themed decor to any birthday party.

 Lemonade Party decorations

BBQ Lunch

I set up the lunch food on a little bench up on the deck.  I also decorated with more wild flowers, and a chalkboard sign.

Pink and Yellow party decor

We had a simple, kid friendly lunch of hotdogs and sausage, veggies and dip, and chips.

Pink and Yellow Lemonade Party

Next I used some yellow checked wax paper to wrap up the hot dogs, and take out fry containers to hold the chips, which worked out perfectly, and looked great.  Backyard bbqs are so perfect for a summer birthday party.

Lemonade Party ideas

After lunch it was time for dessert. My sister and brother-in-law made my girls this awesome lemonade stand, a few Christmas’ ago. It was made with a changeable awning, we used the other one for Maddie’s cupcake party as the dessert table –see it here. For this party it was the perfect lemonade stand and dessert table, with the “pinch of sugar Lemonade” banner.  My sister had these printed on vinyl when they made the stand.  You could create something similar with a table, a small bookcase, or some wood crates stacked together to create the stand.  For the awning you could use some poles in the corners with fabric draped over top to create a similar look.

Lemonade Party dessert table

Free Lemonade Printable

I made a cute lemonade printable for the dessert table, and put it in a simple frame. It’s the old saying “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. 

You can download the free printable as a thank you gift for subscribing for free access to our Free Resource Library.  You’ll receive instant access to this free printable and many others just for subscribing.

Lemonade free printable

lemon free printable

The Lemonade Stand

You can’t have a lemonade themed party without lemonade.  It just might have been the most important thing to include.  We used the bottom section of the stand for lemons, and filled the middle baskets with lemonade. I found these great individual sized bottles, and filled them with regular and pink lemonade, and then filled the containers with ice to keep them nice and cold on a hot summer day.  I paired them up with pretty pink and yellow striped straws.  For the actual lemons, which were a fun decorative touch, we filled the bins with pink paper shred and added in lots of fresh lemons.  After the party, I’ll have lots of lemons for making more fresh lemonade.

Lemonade Party food ideas

Pink and Yellow Lemonade Dessert Table

The show stopper was the top section which we used for the lemon pink lemonade party dessert table.  It was filled with lots of yellow, and pink desserts and yummy treats.  I had so much fun shopping for and baking all the lemon party treats.

Lemonade Party dessert table

Sweet treats are the birthday girls favorite.  She loves candy, so I found a few fun lemon sweets, including lemon slice gummy candies, lemon lollipops, and plastic lemon fruit filled with sweet and sour powder to include on our adorable lemonade dessert table.

  • lemon slice gummy candies
  • lemon lollipops
  • plastic lemons filled with candy powder

Lemonade themed dessert table

We used some jumbo strawberry marshmallows, that we dipped in yellow chocolate to make some fun marshmallow pops.  These are always a favourite with the kids.

  • marshmallow pops

Pink and Yellow Lemonade Party dessert table

I also found some pink and yellow cotton candy, and served it in little plastic shot glasses.  

  • pink and yellow cotton candy

Pink and Yellow Lemonade Party dessert table

We had some strawberry jelly donut timbits. I made a few fun picks with yellow and pink pom poms glued onto some toothpicks.  The little tiny plates are from the dollar store.

  • strawberry jelly donut holes

lemon sugar cookies

I made some sugar cookies -find my recipe here. To make them look like lemons, I cut out the circle shape using a glass as a cookie cutter. I served them on a plate covered in pink sprinkles, such a fun idea for serving small treats at a party, and one of my favorite details.

  • lemon sugar cookies

Pink and Yellow Lemonade Party

Birthday Cake

The cake was a delicious pink ombre cake with fluffy marshmallow icing, see all the instructions on how I made it here.  This marshmallow icing was a family favorite when I was a kid.  My mom used to make it to frost all our birthday cakes.  It feels so festive and fun.  It’s perfect for anyone who loves marshmallows and always a hit with kids.   I kept the cake decoration easy with just some long skinny pink and yellow candles.

Pink ombre birthday cake

Party Activities

We had a wonderful afternoon together playing in the backyard with a few fun activities.  I made some lemon squirters and a some sponge balls for the kids.  We set up their little splash pool, and the slip and slide and they a had a great time enjoying some water play.  This is always a great activity for summer birthdays.  They played all afternoon, sipped on lemonade, and enjoyed treats from the sweets table.

The lemon squirters were a fun alternative to water guns that fit our theme so perfectly.  I love coming up with creative ways to incorporate a them.  These were the perfect extra special touch to go with our them.  I picked up lemon juice containers at the dollar store, look for them at the grocery store too.  I just emptied them out and rinsed them with water.  They were then ready to use as the perfect squirters.  Just squeeze them and put them in the pool to refill them and then have fun squirting.  They fit our lemon theme perfectly and were a really inexpensive way to make a fun toy.

The sponge balls were an easy DIY also.  I found pink and yellow sponges at the dollar store to fit our color scheme.  Read all about how to make the sponge balls here.  These were a big hit with the kids how enjoyed playing with them.  We also set up a fun relay race to fill a bucket of water by running back and forth between the pool and the bucket with the sponge ball, racing to fill up the bucket with water.  You could also do the same with the lemon squirters if you you’re looking for more party games.

Lemonade Party games activities

Party Favors

We sent the guests home with the lemon squirters and sponge balls.  We also had some cello bags for party guests to take the lemon candies home in

This lemonade party was such a great theme full of fun ideas for celebrating.  It’s a great way to celebrate a birthday, and such a fun idea for a first birthday too.  It would also be a really cute them for a bridal shower or a baby shower.  I hope some of these great ideas inspire you for your own celebration.

With a sweet little lemonade party like this one, life really is a party! Happy Birthday Miss Allie!  

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  1. you should be a party planner! Just awesome!
    We r celebrating fourth of july today ! It’s fun to see all the creative tablescapes
    out in blogland.
    Ann P.

  2. What a lucky little girl! This is just a delightful party, so many special detail. Looks like she had a wonderful time.

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