One Room Challenge Week One -Living Room and Eating Area

I had so much fun participating in the One Room Challenge (ORC) last fall, that i knew i wanted to participate again in the spring version.  This time around I’m making over the living room and the eating area of our kitchen.  I want to continue the Rustic Scandinavian design I used in the Dining Room make over.  You can read all about the Dining Room Makeover from last time here.

Before and After

Here’s what the room looks like now.  It was decorated by us when we moved into this house about 11 years ago now.  It’s pretty neutral and has served us well, but it’s time for an update.

Spring home tour 32

The room really has great bones -9ft ceilings, hardwood floors, and great light.

Spring home tour 30

It’s time for some new furniture.  We’ve had this couch and chair set since we got married, and we’re coming up on our 16 year anniversary next week. They’ve lasted pretty well.

Spring home tour 23

Spring home tour 31

Over on the other side of the room, is the fireplace.

Spring home tour 29

I always intended to give it a little makeover, but never got around to it, so now is the time.

And attached to the living room is the kitchen eating area.  With replacing the green furniture in the living room, it’s time to say goodbye to the matching green walls in the kitchen too.  This area will get an update with a new light, and new accessories too.  I’m thinking about refinishing the kitchen table too.  It’s a family antique I found in my Grandma’s barn long, long ago.  I love it, but it does sometimes look a little orange-ish, especially in photos on the blog.  I do a lot of photo’s here because the light is great, so I’m thinking about refinishing it.  I had quite the time refinishing my dining room table for the last one room challenge -you can read all about it here.  It was a steep learning curve, but I think I’ve got the hang of it now.  Hopefully I’ll have enough time during the six weeks to tackle this table.

Spring home tour 22

Here’s some of the inspiration for the rooms.

And here’s the mood board for the living room.  This should give you a sense of where I’m headed.

Rustic Scandinavian Living Room Mood Board

I’ve got big plans to replace the couch, chair and ottoman, and maybe the rug too. The living room and kitchen will be painted JoJo White Wash by Para, to match the dining room, and tie the whole main floor together.   I’m thinking about planking one wall in the living room to add a little texture for this very white colour scheme -but I haven’t totally decided yet.  I’m excited to add in lots of natural elements like sheep’s skin rugs, wood, antlers, and plants.  I’m also planing to add in lots of cozy texture with chunky knits, wood planks, a shag rug, and some macrame.  I’ll be stream lining things a little by getting rid of the shelf unit.  I’m also planning to finally give the fireplace a little makeover -by removing the wood decal from the front and painting out the brass.  I’m thinking about painting it white, but we’ll see how it looks when the walls are painted.  I’m thinking about painting the tv unit too.  I can’t wait for this space to become lighter and brighter.

I love the Rustic Scandinavian look for it’s neutral bright white and mix of modern with rustic pieces.  I think the design will be very easy to live with.  Having said that, I’m a little tiny bit nervous about white everything with two kids and a dog, but I’m thinking that just like the dining room, slip covers are the key to living with an all white scheme -I guess we’ll find out. 😉

And so the adventure begins.  In six weeks I’ll be revealing the final living room and eating area, along with all the other One Room Challenge guest participants.  And each week along the way, I’ll be checking in with an update on my progress, and joining in with all the participants -so be sure to check out all their rooms here.

With a Rustic Scandinavian Living Room and Eating Area make over, life really is a party!

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  1. Ooh! So exciting! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. And hear about the craziness again!

  2. Oh, it’s going to look beautiful, Dannyelle! Love the concept and the room has great bones; you’re right. Can’t wait to see.

  3. Looks awesome Dannyelle, can’t wait to follow along! Yay!

  4. Everything about this space sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to see all of your Scandinavian influences come into the space! Such a beautiful design 🙂

  5. This is going to be another continuation of your style and hygge throughout your home. Updates, especially after 16 years are always called for. I’m confident in your abilities to update that table! Get it girl!

  6. Thanks Shannon, let the crazy begin!

  7. Thanks Christina, you never notice the height of the walls until your painting them, haha.

  8. Thanks Laurie, always appreciate your encouragement.

  9. Thanks so much Lindi, I love your style so that means a lot!

  10. Thanks Ariel, the ORC is the perfect excuse to finally give things an update, lol.

  11. I love your plans! Your dining room was so beautiful, so I’m really looking forward to seeing your living room!

  12. I can’t wait to follow this along!!! And a planked wall! My heart!!

  13. Kendra @ says:

    It will be beautiful, Dannyelle! Such a beautiful room and I love your design board! Excited to follow along!

  14. Love love love your plans, totally up my alley! Can’t wait to see how everything progresses.

  15. Loving your mood board for the space. The room has great bones to begin with so I can’t wait to see how you transform the space!

  16. I really like the Scandinavian look you are going for! It’s going to look so pretty and you are right the room already has great bones!

  17. Thanks so much Emy!

  18. Thanks Thalita, and I’m watching your space too.

  19. Thanks so much Kendra, here’s hoping it looks as good in real life as it does in my mind -haha. So glad you’re following along with me.

  20. Brittany, thanks so much for following along, and your encouraging words!

  21. Sarah, thanks so much!

  22. OH MY! I love white… and this is no different! This is going to be great girlfriend! I can’t wait to follow along!

  23. Thanks so much Danielle, we’re going white for sure!

  24. Can’t wait to see it come together Dannyelle, It’s gonna be a good one!

  25. Thanks Kim, you’re such an encourager!

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