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Birch Bark and Gold Leaf Hearts

Birch Bark Gold Leaf Hearts: easy birch bark craft is perfect for Valentine’s Day, or a rustic wedding, cute birch bark ornament with gold leaf.

Birch Bark Gold Leaf Hearts: Easy diy from birch bark and gold leaf, perfect as neutral Valentine's Day decor, or a nature inspired wedding.

This year for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to add a few Rustic Scandinavian touches around the house, and made these simple and beautiful Birch Bark and Gold Leaf Hearts for a little Valentine’s Day Tree.  It’s the perfect rustic birch bark craft.

Birch Bark Gold Leaf Hearts

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me collecting birch bark.  I had some, and found some from a dead tree in the forest that is perfect for my birch bark craft.  If you’re not lucky enough to have a forest near by, you can order some on-line.  Here’s how I made them.

Birch Bark craft

Birch Bark Craft Materials:

How To Make Birch Bark Hearts

1. Start by cutting out some small hearts from your birch bark.  You can make a pattern and draw it onto your birch bark, or free hand it.  Birch bark is easy to cut, but also quite fragile, and easy to rip, so take some care with this step.

Birch Bark craft
2.  Next, use a small paint brush to apply the gold leaf adhesive to the edges of the birch bark hearts.  I liked the look of doing the edges of both sides, so they could be reversible.
Birch Bark heart ornaments
3.  Following the manufactures directions with your adhesive, and wait until the glue is slightly set before applying the gold leaf.  Wrap small pieces around the edge, and rub off the excess with your fingers, or use the left over gold scraps and rub the edges into it.
Birch Bark Hearts

4. Lastly, cut a small piece of twine to hang your heart.  Mine was three-ply and too thick for the delicate hearts, so I unraveled it into three strands, and used one for each heart.  Thread a darning needle with the twine and carefully poke a hole through the heart.  Take care to not make the hole too close to the edge, since the bark rips easily.

Birch Bark Hearts craft

I hung my finished birch bark craft on to some branches to make a Valentine’s Day Tree.  It’s so beautiful with the light hits the gold, and adds a little sparkle.

how to make a Birch Bark craft

This pretty little tree is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but would also be really pretty for someone doing a nature inspired wedding.  It would also be beautiful as a garland.  There are lot’s of possibilities, I’m loving mine on the entrance way console table.

Birch Bark craft ideas

With Birch Bark and Gold Leaf Hearts, life really is a party!

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