Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes: our favourite chocoalte chip cookie recipe baked in a mini cupcake pan and covered in chocolate frosting.
chocolate chip cookie cupcakes 1

We wanted to make some cupcakes this weekend. We had this crazy idea to use our favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe and make mini cupcakes. I know.

chocolate chip cookie cupcakes 3

We buttered our mini cupcake tin, and added a ball of batter in each. We used our regular, favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe and just let them cook a few extra mins. since they were a little thicker than a regular cookie. After they cooled I made up a little chocolate icing for them. And then I eat them…with a glass of milk.

chocolate chip cookie cupcakes 1

They are really yummy. I think they’d be really sweet for a party. Something a little different and the mini size is perfect too.

chocolate chip cookie cupcakes 2

With these cookie cupcakes, life really is a party.

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