Birthday Fairy Garden

Birthday Fairy Garden: the fairies celebrating a birthday in the fairy garden with miniature tea and cupcakes, bunting, party hats and gifts.
Birthday Fairy Garden: the fairies celebrating a birthday in the fairy garden with miniature tea and cupcakes, bunting, party hats and gifts.

Today I want to share a new fairy garden with you, that is definitely a new favourite. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter, it did. I  made the sweetest little birthday fairy garden.  The party is all ready, just waiting for some fairies to fly down and enjoy it.

I’ve been working on our fairy gardens with my little girls this weekend, just like the ones we posted about here.  We make them every year, and we really look forward to it year after year.

Birthday Fairy Garden

DIY Fairy Garden Furniture

I started out with this sweet little table, made out of popsicle sticks, hot glued together and spray painted pink.

birthday tea party fairy garden diy furniture table

For chairs, our two little fairies each have a thimble to relax on.

fairy garden diy furniture thimble chair

Fairy Birthday Tea Party

On the table I arranged this sweet little tea party set. I found it at a miniature store.

fairy garden tea party

We’ve had this set in fairy gardens for the last couple of years, but because it’s real china, it can withstand the weather -worth the $10 it cost.

What does every birthday party around here need? Cupcakes. I used some polymer clay to make these teeny, tiny cupcakes. I kind of love them. After baking them for about 15 min, according to the package directions, they are nice and hard and should be weather safe.  Find more detailed instructions on how to make the fairy sized polymer cupcakes here.

how to make fairy garden polymer clay miniature cupcake

Here is one on a penny, to give you a sense of scale, aren’t they itsy, bitsy? Perfect for a little fairy.

Fairy Garden Party Bunting

Once I got into party mode, I wanted to make a little bunting.

miniature fairy garden bunting

I used hot glue to attach some little pink flags to some baker’s twine and tied them to some skewers. I think it looks so sweet hanging over the table.

birthday party fairy garden

Fairy Party Hats

Every birthday needs party hats. I made them out of a little ribbon, hot glue, and pom poms.

fairy garden diy miniature ribbon party hats

Fairy Presents

And last but not least, we needed a few little prezzies.

These are made out of a tiny piece of a old foam mat, the kind that fit together like a puzzle. I just used a regular knife to cut out a little rectangle, and tied a little satin ribbon on to make it look like a present.  These should fare well out in the weather.

fairy garden miniature presents

Party Time

I also used my dollar store mushroom that got a pink stray paint makeover. We set up our little birthday party on a nice little meadow of creeping thyme. I added a little moss around the sides too. 

fairy garden miniature birthday tea party

With a birthday fairy garden life really is a party.

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  1. Awwwwww this is just too sweet, makes me wish I had wings lol. I cant wait to get in my garden to play, so many wonderful ideas for our little fairy friends xxx

  2. I love it! Soooo sweet. We used to make them all the time, I think it’s time to make one again…:) xo

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