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DIY Chevron Table Runner

DIY Chevron Table Runner: this fun project uses drop cloth material, painters tape and paint to create a bautiful table runner.
DIY Chevron Table Runner:  this fun project uses drop cloth material, painters tape and paint to create a bautiful table runner.

This chevron table runner looks amazing, and is easy to make.  Customize it to fit any table.

I’m falling for the chevron pattern that’s become so popular.  I held out for a while, but it was futile. I especially like the way chevrons always make me think of Charlie Brown’s sweater. Even though chevron is so hot right now, it’s still a little tricky to find it at the local fabric store. So what’s a girl to do, make her own.

chevron table runner


  • drop cloth material
  • sewing machine
  • cardboard to create the template
  • painters tape
  • craft paint

How To Make A Chevron Table Runner

1. Create The Runner

Here’s how I did it. I started out with some leftovers from a Home Depot drop cloth. We had one strip left over from the project I used it for here. I measured it so it had a little drop over the edge of my dining room table, and hemmed all four sides on the sewing machine.

2. Make The Cardboard Template

Next was the somewhat tricky part, creating the chevron template. I called in the mathematically gifted, my sweet husband, and showed him this great tutorial from Juggling Act Mama. He made a great little cardboard template for me, which I traced onto the runner with a pencil.

chevron template

3. Painter’s Tape

Then, I used painter’s tape to tape off every other stripe.

how to make a chevron table runner

4. Paint

I used some craft paint, mixing some white, grey, and silver to make a colour I liked, and painted the chevrons. I let it dry over night, and removed the tape in the morning.

diy chevron table runner

It turned out great. It took hours to tape the pattern out, but it was all worth the time and my legs falling asleep. 😉 I really love how it came out.

chevron table runner

I used it to set a fun summer table. We started out with some pretty wild flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace, in simple vases. I also added some glass spheres, and pretty round tea light holders

summer tablescape

glass candle holder

I also picked up some silver Jordon almonds from the BulkBarn.

grey tablescape

They looked pretty great with the larger silver rocks, and the kids were pretty amazed that they were candy. I also added a little river rock to each plate, and I wrote every ones first initial on with a sharpie to act as a place card.

rock placard

I love how the grey, glass, and silver all sparkled. The whole table was simple, and so pretty, and summery.

summer tablescape

With a pretty, chevron table runner like this, life really is a party!

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  1. stopping by from the happy hour party hop! I am in love with your table runner! <3 I have been wanting to do the striped curtains for a while and have procrastinated far too long. seeing how beautiful your table runner turned out has me inspired!!! Great job!

  2. This reminds me of the season of my life when I used to paint floor cloths. You’ve done a great job here, and I can visualize your runner used in an assortment of table designs…even for Christmas. Your table is sophisticated and wonderful. Thanks for oinviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

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