DIY Miniature Sheep

DIY Miniature Sheep: full tutorial for these easy to make sheep, made from polymer clay and staples. A beautiful addition to your spring decor.

DIY Miniature Sheep: full tutorial for these easy to make sheep, made from polymer clay and staples. A beautiful addition to your spring decor.It isn’t quite feeling like spring outside around here yet, but hopefully in the next little while it will.  In the mean time, I’m starting to add some fun spring touches inside.  Just a few touches of green and fresh plants have already managed to lift my spirits a little.

miniature sheep
These miniature sheep are so cute, and they are the perfect touch for spring.  And be sure to check out lots more amazing ideas for spring DIY’s linked at the bottom of this post with some of my favourite bloggers for the Seasonal Simplicity Spring Series, hosted by The Happy Housie.

how to make miniature sheep


When I was a teenager someone gave me a very similar set as a gift.  It’s quite a charming story really.  I was a part of a small country church.  And in the church was a man who was a mason.  He was thinking about how God is often called the good shepherd, and we’re like sheep.  He fashioned some sheep for all the families in the church.  Because he was a mason and worked with stone all the time, he fashioned them out of some beautiful rocks, with sheep made from putty, and the legs made from construction staples.  It was actually before my time, and I complemented his one day and he insisted I take them as a gift.  I love to bring them out every spring.  Over the years mine’s become a little worn, the sheep were a little discoloured, and my set only had two sheep.

miniature sheep spring craft

I decided as a spring craft to make some new ones -a replacement for mine, and a few for good friends who would appreciate the story.  Since it’s still snowy I used the original stone, and a little new green moss.  When the snow melts all go looking in the woods, and fine a few good stones for the ones for my friends.

DIY Miniature sheep

To make my sheep I used polymer clay, and they’re really simple.

How To Make Miniature Sheep


    • white polymer clay
    • wire
    • wire cutters
    • black craft paint
    • small paint brush

How To:


Form the white clay into some little sheepish blobs.  I worried at first that they didn’t look very sheep like, but I really loved how they looked in the end when there black faces and legs were added, so don’t be too worried.  They should be kind of an oval, with a smaller head.  I formed some looking up and some looking down grazing on grass.

how to make miniature sheep from polymer clay

And just for fun I thought it would be sweet to add some babies to mine too.  Spring always makes me think of lambs.  The lambs are made the same way, only smaller.

how to make miniature sheep


DIY Miniature Sheep

After the sheep bodies are formed out of clay, it’s time to add the legs.  I cut small pieces of wire for each leg and pressed them into the soft clay.  Next stand them up and make sure the legs are even enough for the sheep to stand.

miniature sheep spring craft

Next, it’s time to bake the polymer clay so it will be hard.  Follow the manufactures directions on the package.  I have to confess that the first two batches I tried I burnt, so for sure keep an eye on them.


Once they’re baked and cooled, it’s time to paint them.  Using a small craft brush, carefully paint the wire legs black, and a small dot for each sheep’s face.

miniature sheep tutorial

Create a Scene

Lastly after the paint is dry you’re ready to set your sheep up on a hill.  I used a rock with some fine moss glued to it.  You could also make them as a miniature terrarium scene in a glass bottle with moss.

miniature sheep craft

I love how the sheep turned out and the addition of the little lambs.  I set them up on my table to be admired and surrounded them with green plants.  It really does feel like the a little taste of spring.  And if winter refuses to leave, we’ll just have to make our own little inside springs like this, won’t we.  I also think these sheep are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day decor, since Ireland is a land of sheep grazing on rolling green hills.

spring craft idea

This DIY was such a sweet reminder of an old friend, and I’m looking forward to gifting some of them as a great reminder of the shepherds love for us, just like he did.

miniature sheep

With DIY Miniature Sheep, life really is a party!

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