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Donut Snowmen

Donut Snowmen: these easy to put together snowmen use jelly donuts, timbits, and candy for a perfect winter treat kids will love.
Donut Snowmen: Easy to prepare donut snowman, made from donuts and candy. The kids will love them!

All this snowy, January weather has us thinking snowmen, and trying to embrace the season, rather than just waiting for it to pass. You know we love nothing more than a themed party around here, so we turned a simple dinner with friends on the weekend into a snowman party -you can read all about here.

I wanted to make a simple, fun snowman dessert and came up with this tasty idea that I thought you and any kids in your life might enjoy.

how to make a donut snowman

Donut Snowmen Ingredients:

  • jelly donuts
  • powdered mini donuts
  • jelly timbit donut holes
  • chocoalte chips
  • orange Mike and Ike
  • fruit by the foot
  • pretzels
  • mini peanut butter cup
  • peppermint pattie
  • white icing
  • coconut

How To Build A Donut Snowman

I started out with some regular size jelly donuts, and some of the timbit version too. We also picked up some mini powdered donuts at the grocery store. I stacked them together to make the snowman’s body. You could use a toothpick to make it even more secure, but the small middle donut with the hole in the middle worked really well to balance the timbit head.

Then, I just embellished the snowman. I used chocolate chips for eyes, and made a nose out of an orange Mike and Ike. The scarf is a piece of fruit by the foot, and the arms are made from pretzels. The hat is one mini peanut butter cup, and a peppermint pattie, held together and on the snowman’s head with a little icing “glue”. I rested my snowmen on a little coconut “snow”.

Donut Snowmen building

Hope you enjoy this really simple and really fun idea. With donut snowmen, life really is a party!

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