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Felt Mushrooms

DIY Felt Mushrooms: easy to sew red and white polka dot mushrooms with felt, and cork and wooden spool stems. See how to make your own pattern.
DIY Wine Cork and Wooden Spool Felt Mushrooms: so easy to stitch together, add a little whimsy to your spring decor.

It’s spring, and April showers will not only bring May flowers, they may bring a new crop of felt mushrooms. If you’re lucky, they might be made of old corks, wooden spools, and felt. These DIY felt mushrooms are perfect for attracting fairies. Use these mushroom ornaments as spring decor, or make them for Christmas. They look great as a hanging ornament on a Christmas tree too. Or you could even use these as mushroom pincushions. This is one of those fun and easy craft projects that older kids would love to make too, and with just a bit of sewing, would be a great sewing project for a beginner skill level.

DIY Wine Cork and Wooden Spool Felt Mushrooms

Felt Mushroom Materials List:

    • red and white felt
    • sewing needle
    • white thread
    • stuffing
    • old corks, or wooden spools
    • hot glue
    • hot glue gun
wood spools and wine corks

How To Make Felt Mushrooms


The Mushroom Top

1. Start my cutting out a rough circle from red felt, it can be a little wonky, as a real mushroom would be. Then, go around the edge and cut out several small V’s, this will help create the mushrooms domed top. To also help with the dome effect, use your thumbs to slightly stretch the middle of the mushroom cap circle, taking care not to pull too hard, or create a hole.

2. Cut out some small white spots for your mushroom, and sew the small pieces of white felt circles onto the red felt piece using the blanket stitch.

how to make felt mushrooms

4. Cut a bottom for your mushroom out of white felt, making it slightly smaller than the top. I just eye-balled it, and adjusted it to fit perfectly by trimming it near the end if it was too big, or adding another V snip in the edge of the red top, if was too small. You could make a mushroom pattern, but this way every mushroom top is done in slightly different sizes, which is more fun, and more fitting for mushrooms.

5. Now you’re ready to stitch your mushroom top and bottom together. Use the blanket stitch, drawing the V gaps together as you go, to create the mushroom dome out of the two felt pieces. Near the end, before you’re completely finished going around, add in a little stuffing, and then finishing sewing it all the way around.

how to sew a felt mushroom

Adding The Mushroom Stem

6. The next step is to attach your mushroom top to a mushroom stem using hot glue at the top of the stalk, and the bottom of the mushroom cap. I made two finished mushrooms with cork stems, and one of my fabric mushrooms with a wooden spool stem.

DIY Felt Mushrooms

Create A Scene

I made three mushrooms for my little display, and hot glued the mushroom base of the stalk to cardboard circle so they would stand easily and then covered the cardboard with some pretty green moss.

red and white polka dot felt mushrooms

I also added in a pretty little nest. My sister, Heather, made the nest for Easter. She used an old felted sweater for the nest part. Just cut out a large spiral circle and then roll it up into a bowl shape to create the nest. Hot glue, or stitch it together, and add a solid circle to the back. 

The eggs are made from felted wool, which she dyed with a little food colouring and vinegar, and then used a felting needle to make the felted eggs. They’re the perfect addition to this little scene.

DIY Wine Cork and Wooden Spool Felt Mushrooms: so easy to stitch together, add a little whimsy to your spring decor.

I set my little display up under a pretty cloche, although hard to photograph, it looks so sweet on the table for spring. I love the mix of larger mushrooms with the small mushroom. Look for different sizes of corks and old wooden thread spools to create different sizes of mushrooms. We used traditional red and white for our mushrooms, but you could make them in any colors. These would be sweet in pastel shades for an Easter or spring display too.

Christmas Ornaments

If you want to use these as Christmas ornaments, just sew a ribbon loop to the top of the mushroom cap with a piece of thread. The red cap pieces are perfect for Christmas. You could even add some faux snow and glitter to the stalk pieces at the end of the stem to make your finished ornament even more festive.

DIY Felt Mushrooms: easy to sew red and white polka dot mushrooms with felt, and cork and wooden spool stems. Perfect for your spring decor.

I wonder if I’ll see any little spring fairies looking for a spring toad stool?

felt mushroom craft

I love how you can easily make your own pattern for these mushrooms so that they are all slightly different. With sweet little felt and wine cork or wooden spool mushrooms, life really is a party!

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