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How To Make A Fall Leaf Backdrop

How To Make A Fall Leaf Backdrop -use real leaves and washi table to make an inexpensive stunning fall backdrop for your fall entertaining!

Yesterday I shared an amazing Fall Thanksgiving Dessert Table -you can read about it here.  One of my favourite elements of the whole dessert table was the amazing Fall Leaf Backdrop.

How To Make A Fall Leaf Backdrop

This backdrop worked for a Dessert Table Backdrop, but it would also be great as a backdrop for any buffet, or for a photo booth at a wedding, shower, or party.  It would also look great as part of your fall home decor.

How To Make A Fall Leaf Backdrop

And this Fall Leaf Backdrop is really easy to make.


How To Make A Fall Leaf Backdrop

1.  First you’ll need to collect some fall leaves from your neighbour.  As soon as you get home press them in a heavy book.  They will start to curl up right away if you don’t press them flat.  Put them in a single layer, between book pages, and then close up the book and put a weight on top.

how to press fall leaves

2.  After your leaves have been pressed overnight, or for a few days it’s time to wax them using simple wax paper.  The wax will help preserve them, and make them a little more shiny.

ironing fall leaves with wax paper to preserve them

Heat up your iron to the cotton setting, and turn off the steam.  Fold a piece of wax paper in half and put the leaves in single file inside.

how to wax pressed leaves

Use some paper on the top and bottom of the wax paper with the leaves to protect your ironing board and iron from the wax and then iron them for a few seconds.

how to wax fall leaves to preserve them

Remove them from the wax paper and they’re all ready to use.

pressed fall leaves

3.  To create your backdrop, use some washi tape to attach the leaves to your wall.  Washi tape works well because it’s paper and easy to tear, not too sticky so it won’t damage your walls, and comes in lots of pretty colours.

gold washi tape

I placed them in a random pattern, but you could do rows or any pattern you like.

how to make a fall backdrop

This backdrop is really inexpensive to make -just some wax paper and washi tape.  It takes a little time to put together, but has BIG impact.  It’s really perfect for any fall entertaining.

Fall Leaf Backdrop

With a Fall Leaf Backdrop, life really is a party!

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