How To Make Rainbow Baby’s Breath

How To Make Rainbow Baby’s Breath: use fresh baby’s breath and food coloring to create a dye the flowers and create your own rainbow!

how to make rainbow baby's breath

I wanted to use some rainbow baby’s breath on a special table as a centerpiece, and decided to try and make my own. I used simple food coloring and fresh flowers and got a great result.

how to dye baby's breath

Dying Baby’s Breath With Food Coloring

There’s a few popular methods for creating rainbow baby’s breath. If you purchase it from a local florist, or somewhere like trader joe, it is usually created with a special florists spray paint. The florist spray paint is expensive and hard to find. Some DIY’s like to make it using regular spray paint. This works best for dried baby’s breath, but you can do it on fresh as well. This method works well, and you can easily control the exact shade of the color by choosing spray paint in bright or pastel colors, whichever you prefer. The draw back to this method, is again that it’s expensive to purchase all six colors for a rainbow.

make your own rainbow baby's breath

Video: See How We Dye Baby’s Breath

 We decided to try the food coloring method. For this method you cut fresh baby’s breath, and put the stems in food coloring. The flower stems drink the water and the color goes up the stem and into the white flowers to make them change color.

rainbow baby's breath made with food coloring

Yield: Rainbow Baby's Breath

How To Make Rainbow Baby's Breath

How To Make Rainbow Baby's Breath
Prep Time 15 minutes
Additional Time 18 hours
Total Time 18 hours 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • fresh baby's breath
  • food coloring in blue, red, yellow, and green
  • six glasses
  • water


  • scissors or garden clippers or a sharp knife


    1. Begin by mixing about 1/2 cup of water in each glass. Then add about 1 teaspoon of food coloring in each of the six rainbow colors to create a different color in each glass. To create orange, mix half yellow and half red. To create purple mix half red and half blue.
    2. Give each stem of a baby's breath a fresh cut and place in the colored water.
    3. If some stems don't absorb the color after a few hours or over night, recut the stem and place it in the colored water again. There's no specific time to leave the flowers. Some of the flowers changed color within a few hours, some need to stay in the colored water overnight.
    4. Once the desired color intensity is reached, remove the stem from the colored water and place it in regular clear water, and arrange as desired, or dry them to use as dried flowers. The pigmentation of the flowers will vary depending on how much food coloring you use, and how long you let the flowers stay in the colored water. You can also adjust the color palette by using different shades of dye.
use food coloring to dye baby's breath flowers

diy rainbow baby's breath


Use the freshest flowers possible. The freshest flowers take the color the fastest. Also when your making your selection of flowers, look for the most open, largest blooms, since they’ll show the color the best.

Also be sure to work very gently with the baby’s breath. The flowers often become tangled together, and when you are pulling them apart you may lose flowers, or worse, kink the stem. If the stem is kinked then it won’t be able to draw the colored water up the stem to dye the flower.

How Long Does It Take?

Here’s how the flowers looked after about 3 hours in the dye:

how to make rainbow baby's breath with food coloring

And here’s the flowers after we left them overnight in the food coloring dye:

DIY rainbow baby's breath

The green and blue dye started to show up on the flowers within only an hour or two.  After overnight we did find that blue and green were quite dark, so we removed them from the dye and put them in water so that they didn’t become darker.  The pink, orange, and purple took the longest for us.  We had them in the dye for about 18 hours.

Rainbow Table Centerpiece

We used these flowers in small bunches in rainbow order as one of the focal points for our rainbow Easter table. These beautiful flowers were perfect, and went wonderfully with the rest of my tablescape. And after Easter, we can dry the flowers and use them in other floral designs or crafts. These would be lovely used in flower clouds. I’ve used all the colors separately, but you could combine them for a beautiful bouquet arrangement.

Learn more about our Rainbow Easter Table here.

DIY Rainbow baby's breath

These would be perfect for a rainbow party, art party theme, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any celebration. Use them as decorations or as floral gifts for a special occasion or as an anniversary gift.

how to make rainbow baby's breath flowers

With knowing how to make rainbow baby’s breath, life really is a party!

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  1. Hi,
    What foods colourings did you used?
    I bought from Asda and Morrisons and it has no color change effect.

  2. Hi Jay, I’m in Canada so it might be slightly different. I just used the inexpensive liquid ones from the grocery store. I suspect that the issue is more likely with the flowers themselves than the food colourings. For the process to work the flowers need to be fresh enough to take up the water, if that makes sense? Do make sure that you give all the stems a good fresh cut with a scarp knife before putting them in the coloured water. I had better success with some than others initially, but did find that after I left them all overnight, they all worked pretty well. Sorry if that doesn’t help too much. Hopefully with a little more time it will work for you.

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