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DIY Easter Jelly Bean Tree

Jelly Bean Tree: make a colourful Easter DIY jelly bean tree to use in your Easter decor or as a centrepiece.

Jelly Bean Tree: how to make a jelly bean tree for Easter with sticks, a glue gun, and some jelly beans!

This pretty Jelly Bean Tree Easter decoration is quick and easy, and so sweet.  It makes the perfect Easter centerpiece on your table, or as Easter decor.  

We used hot glue for our jellybean tree, so this is a craft best left to the adults. Young children will love the kind of magic it brings to your Easter decor.  It’s the perfect project for adding a little color to your space for spring.  We used jelly beans in pretty pastel colors for Easter.  Primary colors would be a great choice too.  This probably isn’t the time to use a black jelly bean though.  You may have made tissue paper art in a similar way before, adding bits of tissue paper to a branch to look like spring blossoms and this is a variation on that idea.


To make your tree, you’ll want to use some branches.  Look for fallen branches of a tree, or clip some.  The perfect tree branches for this project have lots of little tiny twigs, so there’s lots of spots to attach the jelly beans.  You could even use a pre-made little tree from the craft store for this craft.  You might also want to hang some Easter egg ornaments on to the tree, which would be a great idea too.


To make your marvellous jelly bean tree place the branches into a sturdy container.  If your container is too light, you may want to add some rocks inside to help weigh it down and keep it from tipping over.

Jelly Bean Tree: how to make a jelly bean tree for Easter with sticks, a glue gun, and some jelly beans!

Yield: Jelly Bean Tree

DIY Easter Jelly Bean Tree

DIY Easter Jelly Bean Tree
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • jelly beans
  • tree branches
  • container
  • hot glue


  • hot glue gun


    1. Find some branches in the woods. Look for branches with lots of twigs. Arrange the branches in a heavy container or vase, or add some rocks to help weight it if needed.
    2. Use hot glue to carefully glue the jelly beans onto the branches. The jelly beans are very small to work with, so take extra care not to burn your fingers with the hot glue. Glue the jelly beans all over and to the top of the jelly bean tree.
Jelly Bean Tree: how to make a jelly bean tree for Easter with sticks, a glue gun, and some jelly beans!

Pop Of Colour

The pop of spring colour is so nice this time of year, especially while spring flowers still seem quite a ways off.  This colorful artwork piece can give us a little help to get into the spring spirit.  Looking after plants and fresh flowers can feel like a big responsibility, but you won’t have to worry about forgetting to water your jelly bean tree, and it adds such visual appeal to a space.  This would be a really fun craft to do with a good friend for a crafting night because it’s easy and inexpensive to make.  Any colorful friends who love a bit of whimsy would love it.

Jelly Bean Tree: how to make a jelly bean tree for Easter with sticks, a glue gun, and some jelly beans!

I used the jelly bean tree for a simple Easter mantel, along with my little feather chick animal friends, and a hopeful chalkboard message.  The mantel is the perfect place for this if you’re worried about children trying to eat them, since they do have hot glue on and are no longer edible.   This little tree would also be a really beautiful Easter table centerpiece.  And you could always place a bowl of jelly beans beside it for any snackers.  ;). I love the whimsy that a jelly bean tree adds.  Can’t you just imagine the magic of finding a jelly bean tree growing on the forest floor?

Can You Use Icing?

I’ve been asked if you can use something to make this craft edible.  You might be able to use royal icing.  But, since jelly beans are so inexpensive, I think hot glue probaby is the best because it holds so well and sets so quickly.  Jelly beans are quite heavy and I think it maybe difficult to secure them with just icing.  It might only work if your jelly beans rests flat on a table while it sets.  It would be far easier to buy an extra bag of inexpensive jelly beans and just have a bowl beside it for eating.

Jelly Bean Tree: how to make a jelly bean tree for Easter with sticks, a glue gun, and some jelly beans!

With this DIY Easter jelly bean tree, life really is a party!

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  1. This is so cute! I might have to switch the glue out for something edible like corn syrup for the inevitable child grab at the jelly beans. 🙂 Pinned!

  2. That’s such a cute idea and so easy to do with the kids over spring break. Pinned.Would love if you came and shared this on the Spring Craft Blog Hop.

  3. I was just going to say, I’d have to find an alternative to glue as I’m sure my kids would be picking at the jelly beans! Such a great idea, though! Will pin as well and give it a try!

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