Kids Baking Themed Easter Gift Basket


Baking Themed Easter Gift Basket Kit: the perfect gift for the little baker with mug cake mixes, icing and decorations.
Baking Themed Easter Basket Kit: the perfect gift for the little baker on your Easter list with mug cake mix, icing and decorations.

Here’s a sweet idea for a kids baking themed Easter gift basket.  This is perfect for the little person in your life who loves to bake.  It’s a Mug Cake Kit!  

We put our kids cooking gift basket together for Easter but you could easily customize this for any special occasion like a birthday, or for the holiday season for the little chef in your life.  No matter what their culinary talents are this is a gift that anyone young baker love, including kids or tweens.  No need to be at the level where you can make homemade breads or items from scratch for this easy kit.  This easy kit idea is a great way to get kids of all ages more interested baking.

Mug Cake Mixes

My daughter got a few mug cake mixes as a stocking stuffer and my little foodie loved them.  They’re so easy to make, she could basically do it all on her own, which she loved.  The mug cake mixes have pre-measured dry ingredients.  To make them all you need is a little milk.  They get stirred up right in the mug, so there’s no big clean up to worry about afterwards either.  You bake them in the microwaved for about a minute.  Easy cleanup, quick cooking time, and great taste make these the perfect gift items.  They’re such a great option for kids.  These are also the perfect size for made-to-order items, and with no leftovers to worry about.  They inspired me to put together this baking kit with everything needed all together in one place.

If your kids love making baked goods, good news, this is a super simple way for them to do it almost on their own (they need a little help getting the hot cake out of the microwave).  You know how much little ones love to feel like big kids, and this method is so much easier than getting out the old easy bake oven, which in my opinion, never works very well anyway.  

Fostering Independence

I also love giving a gift that I know kids will love and won’t be too much extra work, or need extra ingredients for parents to have to worry about.  We’ve included everything young cooks need to bake their own cakes here, so they’re set as soon as they receive this special gift.  We also love how this cooking set makes kids feel accomplished and proud of themselves for doing it almost independently, especially heading into the teen years.  Not only is this fun, but it will help give kids confidence in the kitchen with a fool proof project, that tastes great.


The mug cake mixes come in lots of different flavors.  Look for them in grocery stores in the baking aisle with all the other full sized cake mixes.  We included chocolate and chocolate chip flavors because we have a chocolate lover.  Look for more cake batter flavors like vanilla, funfetti, strawberry, s’mores, cookies and cream, and brownie flavors as well.

Another Option

If you didn’t want to include the mug cake mixes, another option would be to put a mug cake recipe book in and include the dry ingredients that are needed to make them.  There are entire cookbooks dedicated to mug cake recipes and they’re the latest trend in baking.   Mug cakes aer such a great place for young bakers to start, since the skill level required for success is quite low.  Before you know it your budding chef will be whipping up these kid-friendly recipes for the entire family to enjoy.

Baking Themed Easter Basket Kit

Fun Additions

I thought my young gift recipient would love a whole kit, where she could bake up her own little creations.  So we had to add in some gift ideas for the gift basket so that she could make these mug cakes extra special and personalized.


I started with several mug cake mixes, and then added in a container of vanilla, and chocolate icing.  It’s kind of fun to include two options.  You could also go for any other flavor of icing that you think they might like, like rainbow chip, cream cheese or strawberry.


You can’t make a mug cake without a cute mug.  This is the cute bunny mug we used for our Bunny Breakfast, perfect for this project too, but any Easter themed mug would make a cute addition to the basket.  And if you’re giving this for a birthday just look for a mug that the recipient would love in a special color, or with a favourite character like Harry Potter on it.  For Christmas look for a holiday mug, for Valentine’s Day a special Valentine’s Day mug, you get the idea.  You could even include handmade pieces like a custom mug with their name on it.

Baking Themed Easter Basket Kit


I wanted to make it extra fun, so I found lots of sweet little sprinkles and decorations.  For our Easter basket kids baking gift basket we found sprinkles in pastel Easter colors and cute peeps icing decorations. 

Easter sprinkles

I picked up a few spice bottles at the dollar store and filled them with some pretty Easter quins and spring sprinkles in different colors from the bulk store for easy storage. 

If you were giving these for another occasion or a birthday you could use regular sprinkles, or holiday sprinkles in a variety of colors and shapes.  You could dress up these bottles with some handmade labels, or fun stickers to match the occasion.  Or buy your sprinkles in small jars already.  Little ones with tiny hands can work on their fine motor skills sprinkling on these toppings.

Baking Themed Easter Basket Kit

I think my favorite are these teeny tiny Easter bunny minis, and I also found some teeny tiny marshmallow filled ones too.  For other occasions look for fun sprinkles and candy in the baking aisle of the grocery store, or in speciality shops with special holiday baking ingredients.

Baking Themed Easter Basket Kit

Mug Cake Kit

  • mug cake mixes
  • mug
  • chocolate frosting
  • vanilla frosting
  • colored sprinkles
  • cake decorations
  • mini chocolate candies

Assembling Your Basket

Find a large basket, or we used a galvanized pail, a large mixing bowl would be a good choice too.  Make sure it’s the right size to hold all your items.   Fill the bottom of the container with some crinkle paper, or tissue paper.  Next add in all your baking gift basket items at different heights and secure them with some clear tape if necessary.  Wrap everything up with some cellophane wrap and tie with a bow that matches the occasion from your craft supplies.

I”m pretty sure my little baker will love this Easter basket and think it’s a great gift.  And any young chefs are sure to really enjoy this kids cooking kit too.  This is the perfect kids gift for anyone who loves to bake, or is just starting out on their baking journey.

More Baking Gift Basket Ideas

I love the idea of this kit because it’s all in one and super easy for kids to use.  But if you’re budding baker is more advanced you could try adding in some other elements like some special goods for baking.  I like the idea of adding a kid’s cookbook, blank recipe cards, cookie cutters, a chef’s hat or apron, and oven mitts for small hands, or any necessary tools like a spatula, wooden spoons, a whisk or a stylish measuring set in fun colors.  You could even include other great quality mixes like chocolate chip cookies, full size cakes, or pancake mix for them to try. Or at Christmas time try adding in a  mini gingerbread houses.  The whole family will love eating and enjoying their creations.

mug cake kit

This is one of the best gifts ever.  This baking gift set is inexpensive and easy to put together, and it’s a cooking kit any child would love.  In fact I think a tween, or even teen would love it.  I think it could be a great care package to send to a young university student too, since they usually have a microwave in college dorm common rooms.  I made this for my little daughters and our friends little girls last year and they all absolutely loved it and thought it was so much fun.  Whether you’re giving cooking kits as a kids gift for an Easter basket like us, or as a birthday gift, or Christmas gift, or even as a Halloween Boo basket, or Valentine’s Day love basket you can personalize it for any holiday or occasion.

With a kids baking Easter gift basket like this one, life really is a party!  Happy baking!

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