Bunny Breakfast

Easter Bunny Breakfast: bunny themed children’s Easter breakfast your kids will love with bunny deocr, and bunny themed foods.
Easter Bunny Breakfast:  bunny themed children's Easter breakfast your kids will love with bunny deocr, and bunny themed foods.

What’s cuter than a Bunny Breakfast for Easter?  Nothin’ cuter.

Bunny Rabbit Breakfast ideas

I thought it would be sweet to make a little Bunny themed breakfast for Easter for my little girls, and here’s what I came up with.

Easter Bunny Breakfast Table

bunny themed kids table

Let’s start with the bunny themed dining table.  First I decorated their little chairs, and turned them into bunny chairs, with a pom pom tail and little bunny ears made of white paper, and water colours.  Easy and so, so cute.

DIY bunny themed party decor for Easter

I set the table with some pink plates and adorable bunny cups, that I saw at the store and couldn’t forget -they actually inspired the whole breakfast, and were perfect for hot chocolate.

bunny folded napkins

I’ve kind of developed a bit of a crush on plain old baby’s breath, and thought it went perfectly for my bunny breakfast as little bunny tail inspired flowers.

Easter bunny breakfast

And one other sweet idea, bunny ear napkins.

Easter Bunny Breakfast

Above the table I used a little chalk board bunting wishing everyone a “Hoppy Easter”, and a bunny tail pom pom garland -which might be my very favourite little detail.

bunny breakfast decorations

The perfect little spot for your littles to enjoy some special bunny treats -now on to the treats!

Easter Bunny Breakfast Foods

kids Easter breakfast

I wanted to use lots of pretty things, pink, white, and a few vintage treasures in the decor.  This sweet little picture is one I picked up on a weekend get-away in the fall, and I’ve been waiting to bring it out for Easter, since it has a little rabbit in it.

vintage bunny picture

I had so much fun thinking up a bunny inspired menu.

Easter bunny themed breakfast

  • bunny pancakes
  • bunny munch granola in carrot cups
  • vanilla yogurt
  • mini chocolate bunny sprinkles
  • hard boiled Easter eggs
  • bunny tail donuts

I made the pancake “bunny cakes” with a squeeze bottle to help form the ears.  After they were done, I used a little melted chocolate to create the precious little faces. We served them with maple syrup.

bunny pancakes

I also made some yummy homemade granola, and served it in little carrot cones -made out of orange scrapbook paper and a little green ribbon.

Bunny Easter breakfast ideas

We served our “bunny munch granola” with some vanilla yogurt -a real favourite combo around here.

Easter brunch ideas

The yogurt was in a bowl, and just for fun we also had the cutest little bunny chocolate sprinkles.  Seriously, does it get any cuter?

Easter brunch ideas

mini chocolate bunny sprinkles

You might have noticed a certain little teddy bear who wanted in on the action, and secured his spot by disguising himself as a bunny for the morning with the help of my youngest daughter.

Easter bunny brunch

I also made some hard boiled Easter eggs.  And, there were lots of special candy treats too.

Easter bunny breakfast ideas for kids


Easter brunch ideas

I also picked up some jelly donut holes and served them as “bunny tails”.

bunny tails donuts

They were so good.  Doughnuts should probably be standard breakfast fare.

Easter brunch ideas donuts

This was really the sweetest breakfast…in terms of cuteness and actual sweetness thanks to all those sugary treats.

kids Easter breakfast

I hope it inspires something special at your house too.  With an Easter bunny breakfast, life really is a party!

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