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Woodland Forest Party Food Ideas

Woodland Forest Party Food Ideas: Easy to put together woodland forested themed party food ideas with store bought ingredients that are cute and delicious.Woodland Forest Party Food Ideas: Easy to put together woodland forested themed party food ideas with store bought ingredients that are cute and delicious.

Our woodland forest party with lots of party fun and easy food ideas is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.

Last week we were away with friends at the lake.  It’s such an inspiring place, because it’s so beautiful.  Before we left I had the idea that it’d be fun to put together a little woodland themed  party for the little girls.  They loved it, and it was really, really easy to put together, since I used all easy store bought treats.  This is my kind of party, with easy store bought treats.

I thought I’d share the details with you, in case you have some little people who might enjoy a little woodland forest party, that’s not too tricky for mom or dad to put together.  It would be great for a woodland or forest themed birthday party too.

Easy Woodland Forest Party

The Woodland Setting

 found the perfect spot beside the lake and started out with setting up this little tent.  I used an old quilt for a picnic blanket, and hung up a pretty mosquito netting, we had from Ikea.  It made the perfect little magical tent for them.

Easy Woodland Forest Party

A few cushions gave them a soft spot to sit, and an old wooden box was the perfect party table, and spot to rest their treats.

Woodland Forest Party

I had fun decorating with easy wildflowers in mason jars, and a few fun little woodland creatures as table decorations.  It’s fun to include some natural elements like the wildflowers.  Using a pine cone or some acorns would be a great idea too.  The flowers made the perfect easy party decor for our enchanted forest theme.

Easy Woodland Forest Party food ideas

I had so much fun setting up their little treat table.  I used a rag curtain that I already had as a backdrop, and hung it from a tree branch.  This made such a pretty and easy backdrop for our food table.

woodland party food ideas

Woodland Forest Themed Party Food Ideas

I wanted all the food to feel like the fairies could have found it in the forest -but really I found it all at the supermarket.  I had a great time perusing the aisles and trying to think like a fairy and come up with fun ideas. Here’s the food items I came up with to fit our forest theme.

On the menu was:

  • lemonade
  • twig cookies
  • mixed nuts
  • maple leaf cookies
  • acorn cookies
  • mixed berries
  • s’more trail mix

Easy Woodland Forest Party

Pink lemonade is always a hit, and so pretty in these little bottles, with pretty straws attached.  Apple cider would be a great option too.

The nuts we an easy addition, and looked sweet in little candy cups.  They felt like the perfect forest treat.

Woodland twig cookies

The twig cookies are Pocky Almond Crush Biscuit Sticks.  I love how they looked like sticks from the forest, and the girls thought they were really yummy.  If you can’t find the pocky, you could use pretzel sticks or pretzel rods dipped in chocolate and nuts to create your own version.

woodland party food ideas

I couldn’t resist using a few toy woodland animals on the tables, like momma and baby moose.

what to serve at a woodland forest party

We also had some s’mores trail mix, find the recipe here.  It’s supper easy to make and the kids LOVE it.  It might be fun to include some teddy grahams in ti to go with the theme.  This is the perfect woodland trail mix.

s'mores trail mix

We also had a few mixed berries, the blueberries were from home and the tiny raspberries and blackberries were collected in the woods by my little helpers, Tara and Maddie. (Just make sure to check any wild berries before the kids eat them.)  If you don’t have any wild berries nearby you can of course pick them up at the grocery store.

woodland party food ideas

I remembered, as a kid, my Grandma always having Maple cookies, and thought they’d be the perfect addition to our woodland forest treat table to fit our cute theme.  They’re so nostalgic.

what to serve at a woodland forest party

I used my wood stump dessert stands for the cookies -see the detailed instructions of how I made them here.  The tree stumps were the perfect rustic decor to go with our theme for the dessert table.

maple leaf cookies

Some helpful forest animals were willing to hold down the napkins, in case of a breeze.

woodland forest party ideas

How To Make The Acorn Cookies

Our final little treats were acorn cookies.

acorn cookies

These chocolate acorns usually made with mini nilla cookies, but I couldn’t find them here in Canada, so I improvised with mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and think they came out really well.  You can also use mini nutter butters, or any mini cookie for the top of the acorn.

how to make an acorn cookies

I just used a little melted chocolate to attach a hershey kisses to the bottoms of the cookies, and a chocolate chip to the tops.  Easy peasy and so cute.

Woodland Forest Party food ideas

It turned out so, so pretty, and as you can see all the little treats were super easy to put together.

The girls loved it.

woodland party

And, I loved them loving it.  They had such a great time.

Woodland Forest Party food ideas

The best part was that long summer days are made for making memories, and this will be a special one for us.

Woodland Forest Party menu ideas

I hope you like our woodland party food ideas and that they help you with your party planning.  These would also be perfect for a woodland-themed baby shower, or a woodland birthday party.  They’d be especially sweet for a first birthday party.  This is such an adorable way to celebrate your next party.  Any birthday girl or boy would love it.

With an easy woodland theme get together like this,  life really is a party!

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  1. How delightful! I was once a little girl who would have loved the magic of this! I guess I still do. What wonderful memories you are making. Beautiful, each thoughtful detail.

  2. Precious party for the woodland setting! You certinly created the most wonderful ideas for this pretty party with all the cute containers for the specail treats. I love the tiny animals nested into the serving station. Your picnic is on I wold love to be apart of as a grownup! Please pop pver and view my post this week! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hi Pam, Thanks so much. I love the little animals too, some times it the tiny little and easy details that are the sweetest, isn’t it?
    Take care.

  4. I don’t know how you do it? You keep outdoing yourself!!! I always look forward to your creative posts! Your girls must LOVE all the creativeness in their mama! I’m sure they’ll pick up that gift from you! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas with your readers.




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