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Paper Flower Pumpkin

Paper Flower Pumpkin: Use a faux pumpkin and an old book to create this pretty paper flower pumpkin craft, the perfect additon to your fall decor.
Paper Flower Pumpkin: Use a faux pumpkin and an old book to create this pretty paper flower pumpkin. Easy instructions to make the paper flowers. Enjoy this paper flower pumpkin year after year.

This flower pumpkin DIY combines the best of the season -pumpkins and the ever popular book page, to make a pretty paper flower pumpkin. It’s very simple to make, just a little time consuming. 

On Sunday I woke up to some cool fall weather, and a pretty bad head cold. 🙁 Sunday afternoon was the perfect occasion to take it a little easy and enjoy some time crafting and drinking tea.

Paper Flower Pumpkin


  • old book
  • faux pumpkin
  • scissors
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • wood branch

How To Make A Paper Flower Pumpkin

1. I started out by making the paper flowers. To begin cut out a circle of an old book, and then cut the circle into a spiral.

how to make a book page flower

2. Then you roll up the spiral to form the flower. Cut another small circle out of the book page also, to use as the base of the flower. Using hot glue, glue the spiral onto the base. It takes a little getting used to, but after a few you’ll get your technique worked out. I liked mine a little open, but you could make them tighter if you prefer.

how to make a flower out of paper

3. I used a foam pumpkin from a craft store for my base, in white so that any spaces between the flowers won’t be noticeable, and hot glued on the paper flowers.

how to make a flower pumpkin

I have to say that as I worked I didn’t love it, but the more flowers I put on the better it looked and in the end I really, really liked it. It did take a lot of flowers -over 75 on mine. Might be best done in a few sessions. 😉

flower pumpkin paper craft

4. Once I had the whole pumpkin covered, I realized the stem looked too small with all the flowers attached. So, I used a small knife and cut off the original stem, and sawed a small piece of a branch to use as a new stem. I attached it with more hot glue -yeah buy a new package of hot glue for this project. 😉

flower pumpkin

I think it turned out so nicely, and it’s a great addition to all my white and neutral fall decor. If you prefer the traditional oranges, reds and browns you could make your flowers out of pretty scrap book paper, or brown kraft paper.

DIY paper flower pumpkin

With a pretty little paper flower pumpkin like this to welcome fall, life really is a party.

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