Chip Charcuterie Snack Board

Chip Charcuterie Snack Board: calling all salty snack lovers! Combine all your favourite chips, Doritos, cheesies, and popcorn flavours for the ultimate snack board!  

chip charcuterie snack board

I love chips.  They’re so salty, and crunchy and delicious.  And there’s so many amazing varieties.  When I was planning a special movie date night the other day -see all the details of the movie date night here,  I decided that a big chip charcuterie snack board was pretty much the ultimate snack!  Strictly speaking, charcuterie does mean cured meats, but these days everyone is using it to refer to any board of beautiful food, so that’s the way it’s intended here.  

chip board

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I love the idea of lots of different flavours of fun chips, and snacks all grouped together.  If you’re one of those people that love some sweet with their salty, you could certainly add them in, but not me.  I’ll take my salty snacks straight up please.

I used a large wood tray as my serving platter for our chip charcuterie snack board.  It worked great because it had a bit of an edge on it, so none of my chipies could get away. 😉

movie night snacks


What To Include On A Chip Charcuterie Snack Board

I had a lot of fun looking for all our favourite chips and snacks.  Part of the date turned into picking out anything we wanted in the chip aisle.  Here’s what we went with:

  • white cheddar popcorn (it was movie night after all, so we needed some popcorn 😉
  • regular potato chips
  • salt and vinegar chips
  • dill pickle chips
  • potato ringolos (this is the Humpty Dumpty brand name, but they’re basic potato rings)
  • plantain chips
  • Pringles
  • Doritos
  • crunchy Cheetos
  • potato sticks
  • chip dip

You could definitely just use all your personal favourites.  There’s a few things to think about as you choose.

chip charcuterie snack board

1. Different Textures and Shapes

Things like the popcorn, cheeses, plantain chips, Pringles, kettle cooked chips and regular chips add some different textures to the board.  When it comes to shapes, the ringolos and potato sticks are some great options.

chip snack board

2. Colours

Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of different colour options when it comes to chips.  The Doroitos and Cheese bring in some orange, and help break up all the beige.  If you’re a fan of bbq or ketchup chips (is this just a Canadian thing?) they could add some colour variation too.  

potato chip board

3. Avoid Straight Lines

When your arranging all your delicious chip options, avoid putting them in straight lines.  Create some movement on your tray with flowing piles of different chip options.

ultimate snack board

4.  Add Some Dip

You can’t really have chips without dip!  We made a simple sour cream and onion dip, using 1 container of sour cream, and one envelope of onion soup mix.  This old recipe is super easy, and really yummy with plain chips.  Use an interesting bowl for your dip, like the pretty marble one we used here.

movie night snack board

5.  Use A Board With A Lip

If you can find a board or tray with a lip around the side, use it for your chip charcuterie snack board.  It will help contain the chips, and avoid them all falling off the side as you eat them and move things slightly.  We used a large square tray and it worked perfectly.

6.  Shop At The Bulk Store

Not all chips are available at the bulk store, but look for some of the more interesting varieties.  We got the ringolos, and potato sticks at ours.  They also had cheeses, and plantation chips, along with lots more interesting varieties of great salty snacks.  I like that you can buy a small amount, rather than a large bag.  Since we were buying so many different ones for our board, being able to buy a few in smaller quantities was great.

movie night charcuterie board

7.  Storing Leftover Chips

We wanted to add lots of different varieties to our chip board, and we ended up with quite a few left overs in the end. Tie up the bags with a chip clip or twist tie, so they don’t go stale and lose their crispness.  Did you know you can store chips in the freezer?  They will stay nice and crisp, and you can eat them right out of the freezer.  Chips taste great when they’re really cold.  

movie night snacks

Snack boards of all shapes and kinds are definitely so much fun, and this chip board looks amazing and tasted great.  We loved ours for movie date night –see all the details and get the printable popcorn box here. This chip board would also be really great for entertaining too.  This board looks so much more exciting than a few regular bowls of chips on the table, and it would be easy to replenish as the party went on.  I hope it’s inspiring you to make one too.

chip snack board

With a chip charcuterie board to enjoy, life really is a party!

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