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How To Save Seeds and Free Printable Seed Packages

How To Save seeds and Free Printable Seed Packages To Store Them: save the seeds of your favourite plants to grow again next year.
How To Save seeds and Free Printable Seed Packages To Store Them: save the seeds of your favourite plants to grow again next year.

Discover how to save seeds from plants so you can grow them again.  Easy step by step.  Plus create your own adorable free printable seed packets that will keep them dry, dark and safe.  Perfect for gift giving too.

Today I spent a little time out in the garden harvesting seeds.  I love my beautiful flowers, and saving seeds is the perfect way to enjoy even annuals year after year.  It’s really easy to do too.

Collecting Seeds

This year we made-over our little veggie garden in our underused side yard.  We added raised beds, a garden shed, and pea gravel paths to create our portager garden.  You can read all about the whole progress of making the portager garden here.


portager gardenAnd this fall I did a little update and shared some of the things we were harvesting and fall garden ideas here.

portager garden

A portager garden is a French term used to describe a garden that combines vegetables, herbs and flowers.  We had two raised beds where we grew flowers from seed.  This fall I thought it would be fun to collect some of the seeds from the annuals so we could plant them again next year.

Collecting The Seeds

how to save seeds and free printable seed packages

how to save seeds from annual flowers

These cosmos were so pretty, and it’s really easy to save the seeds from your own garden.  Just pick the bloom after it goes brown and dies back.  This time of year, everything is going to seed for winter.

how to save flower seeds for next year

I collected a few different kinds of seeds from my garden including some sweet peas.  To collect your own seeds, you just pick the pea pod for these ones.

how to save seeds for next year

Zinnias are another favourite around here.  Once the flower head goes brown like this one, you pick it.  This is such a great way to have garden seeds for your favourite flowers year after year.

Drying the Seeds

I collected different seeds in little bowls and brought them into the house to dry out.  Some of them were already dried out, but others like the sweet peas were still green.

how to save seeds

Some of them need a little more space, so that they weren’t touching and won’t rot. So I spaced them out on a small plate and left them to dry out for about the week.  You’ll know when they’re ready because they will be brown, and dry, and opened up.

saving seeds for next years garden

Free Printable Seed Packets

The best way to keep your seed stash over the winter is in a dry, dark environment.  Save your ziplock bag for the kitchen, they’re not a great choice for storing seeds for the following year.  Your favorite seeds prefer paper so they can breath.  Any paper envelope will do, but I designed these beautiful free printables.

DIY free printable seed packages

They’re available for subscribers as a free printable in our free printable library. Subscribe below and have instant access.


free printable seed packages

You can print the free seed packet on your home computer, cut them out, and use a glue stick to glue the sides and top flap together.  Our seed packet designs include a spot to record the seed type.  Be sure to add the name of the type of seed to each envelope and the year they’re from for future reference.

how to make your own seed packages

Perfect For Gift Giving

Do you have a fellow gardener on your Christmas list?  These printable seed envelopes are so much fun for gift giving.  Bundle them up your seed packet envelopes together with a little twine and watch the delight on the recipients face as they open these little beauties.  This is such a cute way to gift seeds.

This printable seed packet template is also the easy way to bring your extra seeds to seed swaps with gardener friends or family members.  Pass on your seeds from last year using our DIY seed packets.

?Make your own seed packets to store your own seed for next year, or use these small packets for gift giving.

how to make your own seed envelops

With the past years favourite seeds collected and saved for spring and free printable seed packages, life really is a party.

seed saving and free printable seed envelopes

Subscribe here for access to our Free Printable Seed Packages.


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  1. I love the idea of making the envelopes yourself. What a nice package this will make for your mother. Thanks for sharing your idea. I found you on The Shabby Nest.

  2. What a fantastic idea!!!

    I used to save my seeds in a baggie and replant them each year. I didn’t plant any annuals this year though. But I still love this idea!!!

  3. Hi Danneylle, What a clever idea. I just dried out all of our pumpkin seeds – perfect timing! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it! I’ll be featuring this today – stop by and grab a feature button if you like. Hope you are enjoying your week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  4. That is a great idea I love it I am going to have to go out in my flower bed now and spend some time collecting seeds. Thanks for the idea and for linking!
    Heather @ memakingdo.

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