“Secret of the Wings” Fairy Party

Secret of the Wings Party: a fairy themed party with fairy sized party food, decorations based on the movie, and a fairy house craft.

Secret of the Wings Party: a fairy themed party with fairy sized party food, decorations based on the movie, and a fairy house craft.

I had the pleasure of attending a secret of the wings themed fairy party on the weekend and wanted to share some of the sweet details with you. Our little friend Tara turned 5 and wanted a fairy themed party, so inspired by the recent Disney movie “Secret of the Wings”, her Mom created a little winter fairy wonderland!

Secret Of The Wings Party Decorations

Since the movie is about how the fairies from different seasons come together, the entry way of the house was decorated in warm weather decorations, and as you moved into the living room it turned into a winter fairyland.

Tinkerbell Secret of the wings party

Heather used moss for the table cloth, and little fairy toys and toadstools, and flowers. It was so cute.

fairy party decorations

The living room was the beginning of winter land. The Christmas tree was all decorated with snowflakes, icicles and snowy owls, just like in the movie.

Secret of the Wings winter decorations

Fairy Dolls For All The Guests

When they first arrived they were each given a different fairy doll. They looked so cute in mason jars with faux snow in the bottom, each one labelled with their name and a little fairy wand tucked in.

Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings Fairy party

Secret of the Wings party

Paint A Fairy House

The first activity was to paint a fairy house for their new fairies. Heather found bird houses at the dollar store that fit the fairy dolls perfectly.

fairy house party craft

Mini Fairy Party Food

While the paint dried, the kids were invited to choose from treats to enjoy while they watched the movie together. Heather did such a great job on the table.

fairy party food ideas

She hung snowflakes and mushroom decorations from the light, and used mini Christmas trees as a centre piece.

Secret of the Wings party decorations

I loved the little place settings, with large snowflake decorations as a charger, and sweet little snowflake cupcakes at each spot. Aren’t the mason jar glasses with striped blue paper straws sweet.

Secret of the Wings party ideas

The food was all small, little, fairy sized treats.

Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings party

There were homemade pink donuts with sprinkles.

fairy party food ideas

Aren’t these little mushrooms sweet, made of mini marshmallows held with frosting glue to little raspberry tops, all nestled in the green coconut grass.

what to serve at a fairy party

There were sweet little jam sandwiches cut into flower shapes, and “fairy bread”. I loved the little nest cookies, with candy eggs.

fairy party food ideas

My very favourite were these little meringue treats. They tasted like a mini pavlova. Heather wanted to make a fairy sized meringue treat so she had the great idea of sandwiching together two little pink meringues, that she baked, with raspberry whipped cream in the middle. They were so, so good. My favourite for sure.

fairy party food ideas

She also made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, and used a little snowflake kit to decorate them.

Secret of the Wings cupcakes

My other favourite, were the little pink cream puffs. Heather filled them with cream, and topped them with pink frosting and a raspberry. They were delicious.

what to serve at a fairy party

Secret Of The Wings Movie Time

After everyone made their little plate they sat down in the living room to enjoy and watch the movie together. The entertainment unit was draped in snow and all set up for the kids to enjoy the movie together with their picnic snack in front. Heather used this fun forest rug from Ikea.

forest themed rug

The kids sat on little toadstool cushions.

toadstool chair cushions

Movie Snacks

In the living room there was also popcorn with fairy dust (star happed sprinkles), crackers and snowflake happed cheese, and fruit kebab fairy wands.

Secret of the Wings party food

Make A Candy Necklace

After their snack they worked on candy necklaces, in the perfect Tinkerbell green, and periwinkle blue colours.

Secret of the Wings party ideas

Decorating Fairy Houses

After the movie the paint was dry on their fairy houses and it was time to decorate with silk flower petals, snowflakes, paper flowers, gems and glitter glue. They had so much fun creating the perfect little fairy houses.

decorating fairy houses

Secret Of The Wings Party Favours

After Happy Birthday and presents everyone was sent off with their fairies, houses, fairy wings, glow in the dark fairy wands, and the these cute little packages of candies. Heather found the free download for them here.

Secret of the Wings party

With a beautiful Secret of the Wings themed fairy party, life really is a party!

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  1. What a lovely party. I love fairy parties and I’m 45. We had one when my daughter was 9 years old in our backyard. She’s 20 now. I love the food and decorations and the fairy in the jar is so cute. take care, Darlene

  2. How special! It is all so lovely. It must have taken a lot of time. This will be such a great memory for a little girl.

  3. I love it! my daughter’s 6th bday is coming up right now on February and she wants a fairy bday w/periwinkle… AND I’M SO GLAD I FOUND THIS PAGE. How can I download the favor’s page?

  4. Hi Norma,
    So happy the party was helpful. To download the favour boxes just click on the link in the post, it will take you right to the original. Best of luck with your party.

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