Simple Wedding Cake and DIY Wood Wedding Cake Topper

Simple Wedding Cake and DIY Wood Wedding Cake Topper: make your own simple and rustic 1 tier wedding cake and Cricut cake topper.simple 1 tier wedding cake DIY

I love the trend in weddings these days for simple and rustic.  This DIY wedding cake and Cricut wood wedding cake topper were pretty simple to put together and definitely really inexpensive too.  I created the wood wedding cake topper with my Cricut machine.  I love that it can cut wood, and that you can customize it to say anything you’d like.  It turned out great and would be perfect for a simple wedding or bridal shower.

how to make your own cake topper

The Cake

The simple cake is as basic as it gets -and that’s exactly what you need if you’re busy putting together a wedding or wedding shower.  I used two white cake mixes, and some homemade buttercream icing.  We made ours a naked cake, again so simple. This cake is perfect for the bride and groom who love simple and rustic.

DIY wood wedding cake topper

Tips for Cutting Wood with a Cricut Machine

We made the custom wedding cake topper on our Cricut machine.  There’s a few tips I’d love to share with you for working with wood, that might make the process go a little more smoothly.  

  1. If you’re designing your own cake topper in Cricut Design Space choose your text carefully.  We wanted a script so that we could connect all the letters in our words to make a solid piece, but some texts with thinner lines would not be a good choice to cut out in wood.  The letters need to be at least 1/8″ thick for the best results.  We used the Cricut font Retro Script, and it worked great. Love Create Celebrate has a great video tutorial if you want to design your own topper.
  2. Be sure to check that the topper is cut all the way through before unloading your project from the Cricut machine.  You can test this by gently pushing down on the cut piece to see if it moves.  You might also be able to remove any small circular inner pieces from the letters.  If it isn’t cut through add more passes, and then check again.
  3. Also, once you remove it, if you have a few spots that aren’t cut through, use the Cricut True Control knife to cut through any spots that need it.
  4. If you have a few delicate pieces break, you can glue them back on with a tiny amount of wood glue.
  5. Against the grain on the wood sheet is stronger than with the grain.  We aligned our wood piece with the grain running side to side, rather than up and down to give those connections between the letters a little extra strength.
  6. We had two tries at making the cake topper, so you might want a few extra sheets of wood.  On our first attempt we had too many passes, and the cake topper broke.  Lastly on the second attempt we did the same amount of passes and it wasn’t cut all the way through so we had to add some, and touch up some spots with the knife afterward.  

Cricut DIY cake topper

How To Make A Wood Cake Topper With Your Cricut

Yield: Wood Cake Topper

DIY Cricut Wood Cake Topper

DIY Cricut Wood Cake Topper
Prep Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour



  1. Begin by opening our free "Happily Ever After" cut file in Cricut Design Space, and choose the "Make It" option.
  2. Use a strong grip cutting mat and line your wood up in the top left corner. Use masking tape around the outside of the wood to tape down the edges, and give it extra hold.
  3. Next, make sure your Cricut has the knife blade inserted.
  4. Follow the prompts on the Cricut to cut out the cake topper. Note -wood takes many passes, so it takes a little extra time to cut out.
  5. Next, once your topper is finished cutting, but before you remove the mat from the Cricut machine, check to make sure that it's cut all the way through. Genty push down on the wood to see if the cut peice is free, or try and remove any of the inner circle pieces from the letters. If they pop out, then remove your mat from the Cricut. If they don't, then choose to add more passes, and then check again until it's completely cut through.
  6. Once your mat is unloaded, carefully remove the masking tape. Next gently remove the cake topper. Take care because it's fragile, especially any small end pieces of the letters.
  7. Lastly, if you notice it's not cut all the way through in some spots, use the cricut true control knife and the self-healing mat to cut through any attatched pieces. If your cake topper breaks at all, you can use tiny amount of wood glue to reattach any small pieces that need mending.
how to cut wood with a Cricut

Once your topper is finished, use the two wood posts to insert it directly into the cake.  We decorated our cake with a few fresh flowers and rosemary too.

DIY wood cake topper

This wedding cake was really simple to make, but the DIY wood wedding cake topper really takes it to the next level.  This cake is perfect for the bride and groom who love a simple rustic vibe, and it’s very inexpensive to make yourself.  

how to make your own simple wedding cake

With a simple DIY wedding cake and wood cake topper, life really is a party!

This post is sponsored by Cricut.  As always, all opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that make Life is a Party possible.

More Inspiration

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