Snow Bakery Sensory Play Ideas

Snow Bakery Sensory Play Ideas: bring the snow inside, add some food colouring, and toy dishes and make a snow bakery kids will love.

Snow Bakery Sensory Play Ideas: bring the snow inside, add some food colouring, and toy dishes and make a snow bakery kids will love.
Do your kids love playing in the snow?  These snow bakery sensory play ideas are sure to be a hit.

sensory play ideas

When It’s Too Cold For Outdoor Play

It’s actually been too cold lately to go outside and play.  That’s meant lots of indoor recesses at school.  What do you do when it’s too cold to go out and play in the snow…bring the snow inside.

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snow sensory play ideas

So the other day I thought it might be fun to bring a little snow inside to play with.

snow sensory play ideas

Snow Bakery Sensory Play Ideas

We decided to make our own little snow bakery on the kitchen table as a great sensory play experience.

snow bakery sensory play ideas

I set up 2 trays with towels underneath them for any drips, and then found lots of little toys and baking pans.  I brought the snow inside in a large bucket.

sensory play ideas

When you’re finding toys and baking dishes, think about shapes.  Things like baking moulds, hearts, and cupcake pans worked great.  A couple different size ice cream scoops were a big hit too.  And don’t forget your gloves.

  • towels
  • trays
  • bucket of snow
  • toy baking dishes in different shapes
  • toy dishes
  • ice cream scoop
  • gloves

sensory play ideas

Coloured Water Spray

  • water
  • food colouring 
  • spray bottles

I set it up for my girls for a little after school fun.  Their favourite part was some coloured water.  I bought three plain squirt bottles at the dollar store, and filled them with water and added some a bit of food colouring to them.

coloured water spray bottles

So easy, inexpensive, and fun -that pretty much meets all my criteria.

sensory play ideas

We spent ages moulding, squirting and making and baking.

snow play ideas

Would you like to order something?  We take custom orders.

indoor snow play

On a cold, cold day, with these indoor snow bakery sensory play ideas, life really is a party!

sensory play ideas

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