Christmas Diorama

Christmas diorama 7

I’ve been wanting to make a little Christmas diorama for a while now. I thought it would be cute to do it in an old drawer. Turns out old draws can be hard to come by. They are usually part of a dresser or desk, as in ‘not sold separately’. So, I’m giving you the heads up to put one on your mental list for antique and junk sales. I managed to find one in the fall at an antique fair -this project’s been in the works for a while. It was maybe 5 bucks, but was missing the handle.

Christmas diorama 3

I found one that seemed suitable at a craft store and attached it to my little drawer.

Christmas diorama 2

I love how banged up and old it is. Great colour too, kind of a greenish-cream.

Christmas diorama 4

I filled it with a little forest scene. I used some trees for Christmas villages, some dogwood twigs, and a mama and baby deer. The tiny cedar pinecones…cedar cones? were the perfect size.

Christmas diorama 5

I used some cotton for snow, along with some faux snow sprinkled on top, and some plastic snow flakes.

Christmas diorama 1

The drawer makes the perfect frame. It looks great on a little table, but I might hang it up on the wall. I don’t think I’ll manage to take it down after Christmas -we’ll change it’s name to -a winter diorama.

With a pretty little scene like this on your wall, life really is a party. Happy Monday.

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  2. I am in love with this! Brings back so many great memories! Officially a follower…found you via Crafterberry Bush! So fun!

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