Cupid’s Arrows Valentine’s Day Craft

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We went out for Asian food on the weekend, and the kids loved trying chopsticks. After lunch one of them asked if we could take the disposible chopsticks home and make something out of them. I came up with Cupid’s arrows as a Valentine’s Day craft, and I love how they turned out -so simple and so cute.

Here’s how we made them. We used sticky backed glitter foam paper, baker’s twine, and embroidery cotton, pink and red feathers, and some tape.

a-cupid's arrow Valentine's Day craft 003

We started out taping four feathers, two red, two pink to the square end of the disposable chopstick.

a-cupid's arrow Valentine's Day craft 030

Then, we wrapped the taped area with the baker’s twine and embroidery cotton, and tied it tightly. To make the arrow we just cut out a pink and red heart from glitter foam paper, peeled off the sticker backing and stuck them together on the pointy end of the chopstick. Easy peasy.

a-cupid's arrow Valentine's Day craft 053

They turned out really cute. We discovered by accident how cool they are to throw, since the feathers make them spin as they go through the air, and the foam tip makes for a soft landing.


a-cupid's arrow Valentine's Day craft 046

With sweet Cupid’s arrows like this, life really is a party.

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  1. Those turned out so cute! My daughter would waste no time in tossing them through the air.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Very cute. Love a craft with minimal supplies needed. You should submit this idea to

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