Valentine’s Day Pizza Party

Valentine’s Day Pizza Party -DIY decorations, heart shaped pizza, mocktails, and a dessert pizza recipe make this the perfect family celebration.

Valentine's Day Pizza Party -DIY decorations, heart shaped pizza, mocktails, and a dessert pizza recipe make this the perfect family celebration.

Going out for a romantic Valentine’s day with your sweet heart can be fun, but then again… crowded restaurant, overpriced meal, finding a babysitter are all not so fun. So maybe a fun Valentine’s Day Pizza Party for the whole family is an even better way to celebrate. Sometimes home is the best place for a family celebration.
Great pizza is an absolute favourite around here, loved by all.  For Valentine’s Day we decided to make things extra special with heart shaped pizza to celebrate!

Valentine’s Day Pizza Party Decor

To help us celebrate  we set the mood with a few simple decorations for the day of love.  We picked up some X and O balloons at the party store.  I also made a cute little bunting with some pink paper heart doilies strung together with some baker’s twine.

you stole a pizza my heart banner

DIY Bunting 

My favourite bunting is the “You Stole A Pizza My Heart” one. I made it on my Cricut cutting machine -and you can find the free cut file to make your own here.  I made it out of some grey card stock.  Each letter is attached to the other with some small brad fasteners.  I hung it with a little washi tape and I love how cute it is.  If you didn’t have a Cricut machine, you could create something similar with a little chalkboard or on a letterboard as another great option.

family Valentine's Day Pizza Party

On the table we kept things fairly simple with a pretty pink table runner and some tulips.

Valentine's Day Pizza PartyFor each place setting, I used another pink paper doily.  And for my girls, I picked up a little present at the craft store -it’s a pizza shaped little sticker book and was too perfect not to get for them.

Valentine's Day family at home party

Heart Shaped Pizza

We love a little homemade pizza around here.  And we kept this one really simple with an easy one-topping pizza made with store bought fresh pizza dough.

how to make heart shaped pizza

I shaped it into a heart shape large pizza to make it extra special.  Use your rolling pin, or your hands to make the heart pizzas.  Your heart should look two teardrop shape pizzas stuck together to form a heart.  

We like a regular crust, but feel free to make this a deep dish pizza or thin crust if you prefer.  Heart-shaped thin-crust pizzas or heart-shaped deep-dish pizza is such a fun treat.  Add your pizza sauce, and shredded cheese to your heart-shaped pies.  You could even add some heart-shaped cheese if you like.  We also used a little heart cookie cutter to cut our pepperoni into the shape of a heart too.  We made a one-topping heart-shaped pizza to keep it really simple, but you could add any favorite topping you like to your pizza.  Use a pizza stone for the perfect crust.  Bake your delicious pizza until it’s golden brown.  It was love at first bite!  If you have fussy eaters, a heart shaped margherita pizza would be a great choice too.  Last year we had plain cheese heart shaped pizza and it was delicious too.

heart shaped pepperoni for valentines day pizza

Valentine's Day heart Pizza

Valentine Mocktails

non alcoholic drinks for a family Valentine's Day party

To make things extra special, we broke out some pretty wine glasses, and made mocktails.  For ours we combined some ginger ale with some cranberry-raspberry juice, and garnished with a fresh raspberry.  This was a really fun treat for the kids, who felt so grown up drinking from wine glasses.

Valentine's Day Pizza Party

Heart Shaped Dessert Pizza

Since Valentine’s Day practically requires dessert, I decided it would be fun to make more heart-shaped foods with some dessert pizzas.

heart shaped dessert pizza

Yield: 4 small dessert pizzas

Dessert Pizza

Dessert Pizza
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 22 minutes


  • Store Bought Pizza Dough
  • 1 tbsp Melted Butter
  • Nutella
  • Raspberries
  • Bananas


  1. Cut a regular sized package of store bought pizza dough into quarters, and stretch each piece into a heart shape.  So you will have 4 individual dessert pizzas.
  2. Brush the dough with some melted butter, this will make the dough brown really nicely.
  3. Bake the dough at 425 F for about 8-12 minutes until it's golden brown.
  4. Let dough cool slightly and then top with Nutella. Then add fruit on top, we used raspberries and bananas, but strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, or other kinds of fruit would be great choices too. Optional: garnish with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.
how to make heart shaped pizzas

nutella pizza

Nutella and fruit dessert pizzaI think the dessert pizza just might have been the biggest hit of the party.  It was a real sweetheart special.  We used bananas and raspberries as our choice of  toppings but you can add any different fruits or additional toppings to your dessert pizza like candy or sprinkles that you like.  Another fun variation try a heart shaped chocolate brownie base or chocolate chip cookie base as another option.

Valentine's Day Pizza Party -DIY decorations, heart shaped pizza, mocktails, and a dessert pizza recipe make this the perfect family celebration.And my whole family requested that we make them more often on pizza night. So I’m sure we’ll be having this dessert pizza a lot in the future.

Valentine's Day Pizza Party -DIY decorations, heart shaped pizza, mocktails, and a dessert pizza recipe make this the perfect family celebration.We had a lot of fun with our little family party, and I hope it inspires you.  Even if you’re planning on going out or celebrating with just your spouse, you might consider doing something fun like this with the kids as well.  This little party, is even easy enough to pull off on a busy weeknight.  Make it as simple or as fancy as you like.

Valentine's Day Pizza Party -DIY decorations, heart shaped pizza, mocktails, and a dessert pizza recipe make this the perfect family celebration.

Making Memories

Putting this together reminded me of a favourite childhood memory.  I might have even shared it here before.  I didn’t grow up with parties, or a big fuss for every holiday.  But one year when I was little we had a snow day around Valentine’s Day.  My dad still went to work, but mom was at home full-time then, and my brother and sister and I spent the day with her.  She decided to bake with us.  We walked to the little corner store and bought a cake mix and some cherry liquorice.  My mom wanted to make a heart shaped cake with us.  We didn’t have a heart shaped cake pan, but she’d seen in a magazine that you could use a square cake, and circle cake cut in half to make a heart.  We made our cake, iced it with fluffy pink frosting, and decorated it with the liquorice so that it looked like it was stitched around the  edge of the heart.  And we proudly all had it for dinner that night.

heart pizza

It wasn’t really that big of a deal.  We just used a cake mix, and she was probably just trying to keep us busy.  It didn’t even take all day.  But, truly it’s one of my happiest memories of growing up.  It’s amazing the impact a little heart shaped treat can have.

Valentine's Day Pizza decorations

With a Valentine’s Day Pizza Party, life really is a party!

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