Maple Syrup!

maple sugar bush 005

It’s Spring Break here and the kids and I are having a great week together. Yesterday, my mom had the day off so we all went on a tour of a local sugar maple bush, Siloam Orchards, and learned how to make maple syrup. The weather was so beautiful, and the kids even enjoyed the giant spring mud puddles!

maple sugar bush 012

There are some trees taped with buckets, where you can dip your finger in and taste the sap, which is like slightly sweet water.

maple sugar bush 001

Most of the trees are taped with pipe that feeds the sap directly into a holding tank.

maple sugar bush 007

After that we headed back to the sugar shack to see the sap being boiled up into syrup. The smell was amazing. Here’s is the big condenser they use to make the syrup.

maple sugar bush 021

Everyone’s favourite part was tasting the old fashioned maple taffy, made from pouring thick maple syrup onto snow. Yum!

maple sugar bush 014

maple sugar bush 017

We finished the tour with buying some syrup, still warm from the condenser, and bringing it home to have on our pancakes for lunch!

maple sugar bush 027

Life is a party, when the sap’s running!

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