Fairy Gardens 2013

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It’s spring and time to plant fairy gardens. My little girls couldn’t wait to get started on making theirs this year. We started out with little bird houses from the dollar store. I’ve seen lots of others use the bird houses too, but I think the key to really making them look like fairy house is to cut off the little bird perch, and replace it with a little fairy door. I made my doors out of a paint stick. I cut off a small piece with a hand saw and nailed it on with a finishing nail, leaving the nail out a little to resemble a door handle. After we added our doors, we painted them up with craft paints.

fairy gardens 13

We added glitter to some of the houses, and then sealed them with a spray varnish. We also removed the little hook in the roof that came with the houses to hang them up, and replaced them with little ribbon flags, made from ribbon, hot glue and a plastic toothpick. I love how pretty they all look in their pastel colours.

After the houses were built it was time for the fun part, creating the planters. I like to use vintage containers, like galvanized buckets, and old enamelware. I’ve picked it up over the years at second hand stores and antique fairs.

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Just make sure that you add some holes for drainage so excess water can drip out. Just use a sharp nail and a hammer to make lots of small holes.

fairy gardens 1

We planted ours with small basket filler plants. Remember that the plants will grow, and you still want to be able to see the scene you’ve created, so don’t over plant the planter.

fairy gardens 7

My daughter Maddie made the yellow fairy house and picked her own yellow plants. We added some fun details like a rock pebble path to the door, and a sweet little clothes line with tiny clothes pins, and silk flower petal clothes hanging on the line.

fairy gardens 5

My other daughter Paige also made her own garden, in her favourite colours.

fairy gardens 11

We used some small log rounds to make the path to her fairy’s door. I also used some chalkboard plant markers to make a sweet little street sign.

fairy gardens 4

The miniature shovels, watering can, and baskets are all from a miniature store.

fairy gardens 6

I did my own little houses too.

fairy gardens 16

I love this pink one, with the button pathway.

fairy gardens 8

The mushroom is a dollar store mushroom, with a spray paint makeover. I love the sweet little garden chair, and rubber boots -both found at a miniature store.

fairy gardens 9

After everything was all arranged I wanted to add some moss. In previous years, I have bought bags of floral moss at the dollar store, but they don’t seem to be carrying it anymore. I had one bag left from last year.

fairy gardens 3

I stopped by Walmart and bought a sheet moss mat. I thought I could break it apart and use it, but when I opened it was kind of rubberized on the back, not what I expected so I didn’t use it.

fairy gardens 2

Instead I dug up some creeping thyme for my birthday party scene –see all the details of how I made it here. I didn’t have enough thyme to do everywhere, but I remembered that there was a spot on the far side of my house where it’s very shady, and some moss was growing. I dug some up and loved how it looked, so I gathered up more and used it to finish off all the little gardens.

fairy gardens 17

I really like how all the gardens look together, running down the stairs of the deck. Some are filled with just flowers, and some have the fairy gardens, with all the galvanized pots and enamelware mixed together. We also finished installing the irrigation system, which I’ll be sharing all the details of soon.

fairy gardens 10

fairy gardens 12

fairy gardens 18

With pots filled with fairy gardens, life really is a party!

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  1. I Love these – are they filled with soil all the way down to the bottom of the planter, or do you have stones or something else in the bottom?

  2. Hi Leslie, I just filled them up with soil, all the way to the bottom.


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