Orange Birthday Party

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This weekend we got together with family to celebrate my brother-in-law Bobby’s birthday. Grandma asked my daughter Maddie and I to help her out with the table. We’re big on a theme so we went with the birthday boy’s favourite colour -Orange!

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We asked all the guests to wear orange. We did a simple table, but it had lots of impact, so I thought I’d share a few of the fun ideas. I’m not a big fan of plastic table cloths, so we found some great orange polka dot gift wrap that we unrolled as a table cloth, it worked great. We bought simple paper plates and cups to make clean up easy peasy. One of my favourites were the orange striped paper straws, and we also picked up some orange pop, because when you’re going orange, you may as well go orange!

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Now onto the fun part. Our centre pieces down the middle of the tables were orange treats of all kinds. I used a variety of clear glass vases (mostly from the dollar store) that I already had. We used some cheesies, and orange doritos.

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We also had some sweet treats, butterscotch candies, gummy worms, fuzzy peaches, and sour peach twists, and orange lollipops. And, Maddie and Paige made some simple marshmallow pops -marshmallows dipped in melted orange chocolate, and sprinkles and coloured sugar.

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We wanted a few healthy choices and it was pretty easy because there are a lot of orange fruits. We put some clementine oranges in vases, some dried apricots, and then made a fruit platter of mango, orange sections, cantaloupe and papaya.

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I wanted to add a little whimsy to the table so I found some plastic animals at the dollar store and dressed them up in little orange party hats. These guys were my favourite, and would be cute dressed up for any party.

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Grandma loves to give her grandkids little loot bags, so I found a few fun orange things to include; a little orange notebook and pen, a bouncy ball, a kazoo, and a container of orange playdough. And since everything was so perfectly orange, we packaged them all up in see-through cello bags, tied with a little orange ribbon.

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With all things orange to celebrate with family, life really is a party. Happy Birthday Bobby! “Orange” you glad you stopped by today? lol.

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