Orange Themed Party Ideas

Orange Birthday Party: simple ideas for orange decor, table setting, food ideas, and loot bags for a fun orange themed party.
Orange Birthday Party: simple ideas for orange decor, table setting, food ides, and loot bags for a fun oranged themed birthay party.

This weekend we got together with family to celebrate my brother-in-law Bobby’s birthday. My mother-in-law asked my daughter Maddie and I to help her out with the table. We’re big on a theme so we went with the birthday boy’s favourite colour an Orange themed Birthday Party!  Our job was to set a fun and festive table, and we took our job seriously.  The table set the color theme for the whole party!

orange themed birthday party decor ideas

Wear Orange

Once we decided on our simple color scheme, we asked all the guests to wear orange.  It was really fun, and a super simple easy way to get everyone in the mood for our theme.  Everyone had a little orange in their wardrobe, so it was easy for everyone to accommodate our request.

Orange Birthday Party Table

Our main job was to set a pretty and fun table.  We kept things pretty simple, but it had lots of impact, so I thought I’d share a few of the fun ideas in case you’re having an orange color theme party too. I’m not a big fan of plastic table cloths, so we found some great orange polka dot gift wrap that we unrolled as a table cloth, it worked great and is a really good inexpensive option for a party.  It was a great way to add some pattern to the table.  Some orange fabric from the fabric store would be a great option too.

For the table settings we bought simple paper orange plates and cups and orange paper napkins to make clean up easy peasy. One of my favourites were the orange striped colorful straws.  Orange balloons would be a great addition to the decor also.  They would look really fun with one tied to the back of each chair, or even every other chair.

orange food ideas for an orange birthday party

Orange Party Snacks

Now onto the fun part. Our centerpieces down the middle of the table was orange treats of all kinds. This was a great way to celebrate the color orange.  It was a wonderful alternative to traditional flower arrangements.  The guests loved it and it looked amazing too.  I used a variety of clear glass serving pieces, including vases (mostly from the dollar store) that I already had, a glass trifle dish, and a glass tiered tray.  This was such a fun way to incorporate our orange theme.  I picked up a lot of the treats at the bulk food store.  It was fun strolling the aisles and looking for anything orange we could find!  We also included some fresh fruit along with all the treats, which was a perfect choice because it looked great and was at least a little effort at something healthy.  And we even had a few savoury snack options too.

  • orange pop
  • cheesies
  • Doritos
  • butterscotch candies
  • orange gummy worms
  • fuzzy peaches
  • sour peach twists
  • marshmallow pops
  • dried apricots
  • clementine oranges
  • orange slices
  • mango slices
  • cantaloupe
  • papaya

Orange Drinks

We had orange pop as a drink at our party.  Orange juice would be another great option, or even better a punch made with orange juice and pop like ginger ale for a little fizz, with some sliced oranges floating on top.

Savoury Orange Snacks

We started things off with some salty savoury snacks.  We used some cheesies, and orange doritos.  Cheese puffs would be a good addition.  Also goldfish or any cheese flavored crackers would a great option too.

orange marshmallow pops

Sweet Orange Food Treats

We also had lots of  sweet treats.  We had butterscotch candies, gummy worms, fuzzy peaches, and sour peach twists, and orange lollipops. And, my daughters helped me make some simple marshmallow pops.  To make these we started out by adding lollipop sticks to regular white marshmallows.  Then we dipped marshmallows dipped in melted orange chocolate candy melts that I also picked up at the bulk food store.  Then, before the chocolate set we dipped some of them into white sprinkles and some into orange coarse sugar.  These were a real hit with the kids.  Orange rock candy would be another great option.

orange fruit tray

Healthy Orange Snacks

We wanted a few healthy choices and it was pretty easy because there are a lot of orange fruits. We put some clementine oranges in vases, some dried apricots, and then made a fruit platter of mango, orange sections, cantaloupe and papaya.  I cut these up and served them on a glass tiered platter and they looked great.  Everyone especially loved the tropical fruits.

Toy Animals in Orange Party Hats

orange birthday party ideas

I wanted to add a little whimsy to the table so I found some plastic animals at the dollar store and dressed them up in little orange party hats. These guys were my favourite, and would be cute dressed up for any party.  I used a few different patterns of orange scrapbook paper to make the tiny hats and glued them together with hot glue.  Then I added an orange pom pom to the top of each one, and some thin orange ribbon to each side so that I could tie the hats onto the animals.  This worked perfectly and meant we could remove the hats easily afterwards and use the animals as toys. This was one of my favorite elements to this party and such a fun and whimsical touch.

orange birthday party

Orange Loot Bag Ideas

For Kids

Grandma loves to give her grandkids little goodie bags, so I found a few fun orange things to include; a little orange notebook and pen, a bouncy ball, a kazoo, and a container of orange playdough. And since everything was so perfectly orange, we packaged them all up in see-through cello bags, tied with a little orange ribbon.  We added them to all the kids spots at the table and they could choose to open them and play with them at the table, and then take their party favors home afterwards, which worked out perfectly.  We kept them all the same so there was no fighting over who got what.  And we had the added bonus of kazoo serenades during dinner, lol.

  • orange playdough
  • orange notepad and orange pen
  • orange bouncy ball
  • orange kazoo

Other great options are bubbles in an orange container, orange tic tacs, Reese’s peanut butter cups, an orange highlighter, orange slime, orange balloons, or an orange toy.  

For Adults

For adults something like orange flowers, or a package to of seeds to grow some orange flowers, or an orange shower gel or soap and orange shower loofah puff would be great.  An orange candle or soap would be great too.  


I also had some extra clear cello bags, so that the left over candy could be packaged up and taken home by the guests too.   Have some orange twine or orange washi tape on hand to close the little bags after they’re filled up. This was the perfect way to not end up with whole bunch of leftover candy and sweets.

orange birthday party loot bag ideas

We had a great time celebrating and our orange color theme was such a hit.  Everybody looked great in their orange outfits and had a really fun evening together.  Happy Birthday Bobby! “Orange” you glad you stopped by today? lol

With an orange themed party to celebrate, life really is a party.

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