Bag of Sunshine Yellow Care Package Ideas

Little Bag Of Sunshine -the perfect gift for someone who could use a little sunshine, all kinds of thoughtful yellow gifts sure to brighten anyone’s day.
Little Bag Of Sunshine -the perfect gift for someone who could use a little sunshine, great ideas of all kinds of thoughtful yellow gifts sure to brighten anyones day.

When someone is ill or feeling down and needs a little sunshine to help them recover, this care package is the perfect idea.  A sunshine basket is full of thoughtful little gifts that would hopefully help anyone feel better.  It can be tailored for the recipient.  If they’re ill, or recovering you can add items to your sunshine box that will help with the recovery.  If they’re sad, you can make this thoughtful gift to cheer them up.  It isn’t just for for someone going through a hard time though, it makes a great gift for sunny days too like any special occasion, Mother’s day, a birthday gift, as a housewarming gift, or if you like sending college care packages.

Shopping For Yellow Items

I had a lot of fun putting this package together full of meaningful gifts.  We went to several stores to find all the goodies.  I looked at the dollar tree, the grocery store, the drug store, and some of my favourite home stores for all my yellow gifts.  It’s actually so fun looking for all the yellow items to make this cheerful gift.  Be on the lookout for yellow items to include in this bag of sunshine, but also look at look for items that are packaged using yellow.  May of our fun gift ideas are things that come in yellow packaging, and they work really well for a gift basket like this one.

Bag Of Sunshine yellow gift ideas

This little yellow box of sunshine gift was for an ill friend who needed some brightening up.  Our gift was full of yellow things.  If your friend isn’t ill just leave out the chicken soup and cough drops and add some other fun yellow goodies to your sunshine gift box.

Special Touches For The Sick

Sick people need chicken noodle soup, cough drops, honey for their throats, some nice hand cream and warm socks, definitely warm socks.  But then again, who won’t love some hone, hand cream and warm socks?

  • chicken noodle soup
  • cough drops
  • honey
  • hand cream
  • warm yellow fuzzy socks

what to put in a bag of sunshine gift

Yellow Treats

I also wanted to include a few treats, of the “wouldn’t buy this for myself” variety.  So I picked a few of my favs. that are yellow:  chips, coffee crisps, and Werther’s originals (and then I had to fight to keep my kids from eating them all).  I also included a Toblerone (strictly for medicinal purposes), and some good ol’ juicy fruit.  I’m pretty sure every sunshine gift basket needs a little chocolate in it, and maybe even a lot of chocolate.

  • potato chips
  • mini Coffee Crisp chocolate bars
  • Werther’s original candies
  • Toblerone chocolate bar
  • Juicy Fruit gum

Little Bag Of Sunshine gift ideas

Special Gifts

Last but not least a few special things: Earl grey tea, and homemade shortbread (find the recipe here, it’s easy and so, so good).  I also included a pretty little lemon scented candle, and a sweet pot of mini daffodils.

  • tea
  • homemade shortbread
  • lemon candle
  • pot of mini daffodils

More Gift Items

I also made another little version for my girls teachers with post-it notes, yellow highlighters, yellow nail polish, the candle, a cute little 6-pack of sweet yellow earrings, cough drops, gum, coffee crisps, and the Werther’s originals.

  • yellow post-it notes
  • yellow highlighters
  • yellow nail polish
  • candle
  • yellow earrings

Some other great yellow items you might want to include in your 

  • lip balm
  • a gift card for coffee or to a favourite restaurant
  • stationary
  • banana chips
  • coffee
  • fancy soap
  • bath bomb
  • fresh lemons, bananas, or pineapple
  • yellow flowers
  • cozy yellow throw blanket
  • lemon curd
  • herbal tea

Yellow Packaging

Gift Bag, Basket, Or Box

Once I had everything together I packaged it all up in a simple yellow gift bag, with some yellow tissue paper, and made a gift tag that said “A Little Bag of Sunshine”.  You could also wrap a box in some yellow wrapping paper, or use a basket and wrap the whole thing in cellophane and tie with a yellow ribbon.  A basket also makes a nice gift to keep afterwards too. If you’re mailing a package like this as a college care package you could use some yellow crinkle paper inside a cardboard box that you could tape shut.  Why not decorate the inside flaps of the box with some hand drawn sunshines or some stickers.  

Removing Packaging

I also had a few yellow items from the dollar store that I wanted to remove the packaging from.  For the fuzzy socks I removed the packaging because it wasn’t pretty and just wrapped the yellow socks with some pretty yellow ribbon.  This is a great idea if you want to remove a dollar store price tag that’s printed right onto the label.  

Homemade Items and Fresh Flowers

For my homemade cookies, I wrapped them in a cellophane bag and tied the top with yellow ribbon.  A yellow container or tin would be great for giving baked goods also.  Because I also gave a real plant in my bag of sunshine, I made sure to position it so that the top could come out of the top of the bag  and made sure that the plant won’t tip over or spill in the bag.

Our sick friend loved it.  These were inexpensive and fun to put together, and a very much appreciated surprise gift for the teachers too.  If you’re looking for a little treat for friends, this one is perfect.  Just start looking for all things yellow, and you’ll be surprised how many little treats you can find.

Little Bag Of Sunshine gift

Whether you’re making this basket of sunshine as a get-well gift, or for someone going through a difficult time who could use a little cheering up, or as a simple gesture for a friend or family member, I hope the lucky recipient loves it and that it really makes someones day.  It’s a really wonderful way to brighten up the day and send a little extra love to someone you care about.  

With a little bag of sunshine, life really is a party!

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