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Copper Pot Scrubber Wreath

Copper Pot Scrubber Wreath: Simple DIY for a beautiful copper wreath made from dollar store pot scrubbers.

Copper Pot Scrubber Wreath: Simple DIY for a beautiful copper wreath made from dollar store pot scrubbers.

This copper wreath is easy to make make and fun to put together.  It’s the perfect addition to your fall decor.

I’m so excited to be part of a great blog hop today with 11 other bloggers bringing  you a whole collection of beautiful Fall Wreaths!  I hope you feel inspired!

I wanted to make a copper wreath, and you probably couldn’t guess what I used to make it.  It’s made from copper pot scrubbers.

Copper’s been hot for about a year -and it’s still going strong!


  • Copper Pot Scrubbers (I used about 30)
  • Foam Wreath Form
  • Hot Glue
  • Ribbon for Hanging

How To Make a Copper Pot Scrubber Wreath

I started out with a foam wreath form from the craft store, and copper pot scrubbers.  I picked up the pot scrubbers at the dollar store, they come in packages of three so I used 10 packages for this wreath -they’re just $1 a package, so this little project won’t break the bank.

how to make a copper wreath

To make the wreath, use your fingers to open up the middle of the pot scrubber so it looks like a donut.  Then snip with strong scissors.  Once you have it snipped, wrap it around your wreath, and glue in place with hot glue -work your way all around the wreath.

DIY copper wreath

I wanted to keep my wreath quite simple and modern looking so I simply hung it with a ribbon, but if you wanted another look you could certainly embellish it some fall pics.  It would look great with some small Christmas balls for Christmas, just like the one I made before with silver coloured pot scrubbers.

copper wreath

I love simple diy projects that transform everyday items.

DIY fall wreath

I used mine for my fall mantel this year, and added in some pumpkins and few other copper finds.

copper accents for fall

The little copper cups were a thrift store find, I just love them.

wheat in a copper kettle

And, the pretty copper kettle is looking great holding some wheat for fall.

how to make a copper wreath

With a pretty copper pot scrubber wreath, life really is a party!

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  1. Okay so we need to talk about the mantelpiece and your decor! gorgeous! I love the simplicity of your wreath, it’s simple yet intricate with all the strings on the scrubbers – great idea!

  2. I give your wreath the award for using the most unique and clever but absolutely stunning material. How did you ever come up with the idea to use copper pot scrubbers? Brilliant! I love the look of copper and it looks fabulous on your mantel with your other accessories.

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